tisdag 5 april 2011

WAQI Miami FL "Radio Mambi" -710

October 1st 2010 it was again interesting cx with south Florida stations on several frequencies.
At 670kHz a weak "La Poderosa" was heard (WWFE) under the strong Cuban.
When I went up to 710kHz  the Cuban was significantly  QRMed by another SS talker which turned ouot to be Radio Mambi with this TOH ID: 
  "Radio Mambi-WAQI Miami Ft Lauderdale - Radio Mambi 
Broadcasting. Radio Mambi La Grande 710 onda media. La emisora ​​más Potente del sur de Florida. Transmitiendo con ... noche el sur de Florida,Cuba y el Caribe ... was heard as a combined EE / SS identification.

Loretta Anaya at the station verified my report after using the address from Tua, Thanks!

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