tisdag 10 maj 2011

WEZS Laconia NH 1350kHz

I heard the station a few times in October and December 2010 just before the top of the hour with its slogan and ID "WEZS Laconia- Oldies 1350"
 Laconia  - "City of the Lakes" with its 15000 habitants   is located between Lake Winnisquam and Winnipeasukee in the middle of the State. 
Veriesigner  Gary Hammond told me he recognized the top-of-the-hour ID voiced by Don Bishop, a west coast voice talent who records all of their station ID´s.
The station is one of the very few remaining independenly  owned and operated stations in the state.
 He has also received  a number of reception reports from Norway and Finland, often from  the last few minutes of daypower operation. 

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