tisdag 7 juni 2011

WPMP Pascagoula,MS-1580kHz

This was a big surprise when it came thru the morning 8th of November 2009.  According to the new owner it couldn´t been on daypower because the highpower transmitter had failed then, so with 51 Watt nighttime power it is quite a catch! Big thanks to Torolf J who also heard them the same morning and OJS who found  out the  email address. The date was one of the better mornings that season with wide cx from east to the west and south.
Pascagoula -Mississippi´s Flagship City, is located at the coastline just 15km from the Alabaman stateline. The name Pascagoula is a Mobilian Jargon term meaning "bread eaters". It is taken from a group of native americans found in the villages along the Pascagoula River back in the sixteenth century.
The station has now a new call, WPMO, and transmits in parallell with its daytimer station on 1440,WVGG.
Noah Britt, GM, recognized in my  recording the TOH-ID of their morning host Walter Thornton.

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