måndag 5 september 2011

WCMC Wildwood NJ-1230

The station has been heard a few times this season already, first the 25th of august when I caught a Top of the hour ID as "WCMC Wildwood"  and two days later with " ..Jesrey shore...broadcasting from .....the capital of America  and now from Cape May  town on AM 12-30 - Oldies 12-30 WMID"  The reason is that they simulcast with the sisterstation WMID -1340.
Wildwood/ Cape May is located on the southernmost tip of New Jersey with the Delaware bay to the west  and the Atlantic Ocean  to the east. The area is famous for their seaside resorts  and should also be a terrific place for DXing the european MW band
V/s  Gary Fisher, GM

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