fredag 7 oktober 2011

KSJB Jamestown ND -600

600kHz is a frequency usually  occupied by CBC´s outlet in  St Anthony NL. But in the morning of 9th of November 2009, yes the same date as KEYZ-660 was heard, there was a C&W station going  up and down thru the noisefloor. At last there was a break in the music and call ID for "KSJB Jamestown North Dakota" was heard.  Op Mgr/Program Dir Jarrett Stevens  verifies my reception report. He also do the morningshow at the FM outlet KISS 99.3.
Jamestown -"The Buffalo City" in southeastern part of the state has about 15000 habitants and is the home for world´s biggest Buffalo statue. Agriculture is the main industry.
Alf Clausen was raised here, the composer of many episodes  of "The Simpsons" and movies like Moonlightning and Naked Gun.

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