tisdag 3 juli 2012

HJDS Ondas de la Montaña, Medellin -1350

was caught with huge signals the 7th of January, fighting with the co-channel station  Oxígeno Ibague.   Identified as "Ondas de la Montaña - La tradicional de Antioquia"  in their programme La Escencia. 
Located in the second largest city in Colombia with a population 2.7 million,at an elevation of 1,500 meters in the northern part of the Andes. Sometimes referred as "The home of Orchids,Parks and tropical birds". With a average annual temp of 22°C it sounds like a heaven for a frozen Scandinavian...
Pablo Escobar,the Colombian drug Lord began his criminal career here, but a nicer guy is Juanes , the famous musician, who can be heard quite often even on Swedish radiostations. 
V/s  Ruben Benjumea  verified my followup today, many thanks !

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