onsdag 11 december 2013

WXTG Hampton VA -1490

In late evening Dec 25th 2011 I heard a sports station which referenced a fotball game. A few promos for Compass Media network was heard together with the slogan "American new home for AFL Fotball, this is the Game"  After 30 minutes I finally heard the ID as  "WXTG Fox Sports Radio - The Game is WXTG FM, WXTG AM Red Zebra Broadcasting".  It was difficult to find a working email  but finally I came in contact with BT Briggs, Op. Prod. and Traffic/PSA Director  who confirmed my reception.

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  1. http://nordicfmradio.com/index.php/norge/171-radio-102-haugesund-live

  2. http://nordicfmradio.com/index.php/norge/171-radio-102-haugesund-live
    Radio 102 Haugesund Live