torsdag 26 januari 2012

Radio Fórmula Mexico -970, -1470, -1500

The 13th of November 2010 I had some fantastic signals from a few mexicans and one of them that I heard for the first time this morning was XERFR Radio Fórmula -970 with its TOH ID as "escuche Radio Fórmula, Groupo fórmula presente..." . This is their Primera Cadena of three channels. A few days later, 17th of Nov. I also got nice call ID of XEAI R Fórmula Tercera Cadena -1470 and XEDF R Fórmula Segunda Cadena -1500. These station are the core of a big network of stations in Mexico. A fourth "cadena" is also established by stations in US.
I got a mail today from José Pablo Cabello, VP Fórmula Digital y Comercial verifying all three stations.

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  1. Hi,

    Which is the email address, I can sed QSL-request to Radio Formula XEAI?
    I received XEAI here in Germany short time ago:
    Please send me message to youtube.