söndag 8 januari 2012

WFAS White Plains NY -1230

The evening 14th of December -11 was a date with many early thrilling signals from ECNA.  On 1230 there was a NOS station  and I stop and waited for the usual one, WSBB to identify. Surprised when the TOH ID heard  was "This is AM 12-30 WFAS White Plains - Westchester´s Soft Favorites, A Cumulus Station".
The station was heard also the following evening although a bit weaker.
White Plains -"The Birthplace of the state of N.Y."  is located  between Hudson River and Long Island Sound in Westchester County, an affluent suburban county that is home to almost 1 million people, just north of New York City.
V/s Jennifer D´Ambrosio, Dir of Marketing & Promotions

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