fredag 10 februari 2012

WMSA Massena NY -1340

The 16th of January I had some exceptional conditions towards the northern part of the state of New York. First I heard WSLB on 1400kHz in the neighboring town Ogdensburg with good strengh. After searching the band I found a very weak but clear signal on 1340kHz. The TOH ID was  barely  audible, but luckily it contained both the location and slogan as " 13-40 WMSA Massena´s News and Information station"
The station transmits  with only 910Watts day and night  making them a small station with local flavour of the programs.
V/s Chuck Poirier, PD.
Massena is situated along the St Lawrence River and the border US and Canada, called "The gateway to America´s Fourth Coast" because the connection thru locks to the five Great Lakes.

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