fredag 30 mars 2012

TGVE Radio Voz Evangélica de América, Guatemala -1570

In the morning of 21st of October 2011  the conditions favoured the eastern US coast from NY down to FL and some Cubans too. Suddenly when I passed 1570 I heard a strong station with a  announcement as "con la ayuda de dios TGVE Radio Voz  Evangélica de América  projector en diecinueve horas y  medio de programación..."    Surprised by the appearence of the strong signal I began too seek other potential signals from the area but with no luck.
The station celibrate  50 years of transmissions as seen in the header and use to be heard a few times each year  in Scandinavia, often with strong signals.
Received today two  emails  verifying my report

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