onsdag 3 april 2013

CHAB Moose Jaw SK -800

During the morning of 10th of January I had a swing of the propagation towards Saskatchewan. On 800 I heard  "another hour of the greatest hits of all time starts now with the classic station - This is 800 CHAB" followed by Creedence Clearwaters Reviveals "Who´ll stop the rain".  I soon received emails from both  Ken Fisher ,Engineer and Jim Strom who wrote:
 Yes! You heard 800 CHAB from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada! Very cool. I'm a retired school teacher working at our radio stations as a hobby-jobby. My grandfather came from Vaasa, Finland a long time ago. I've been told my name, "Strom" is Swedish rather than Finnish. Nice to hear from you. All the best from "the greatests hits of all time, 800 CHAB"!
Jim S.

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