måndag 1 april 2013

KCLK Asotin WA -1430

In the morning 10th of January  I had good propagations toward the Prairies and the west coast. On 1430khz  I got nice reception of KCLK  with ID as " We are the only all around the clock sport station ESPN Radio AM 14-30 The Sports Fan -KCLK"  The station is located in the small but beautiful Asotin in the southeastern corner of the state of Washington. It´s the last city along the Snake River route to Hell´s Canyon, North Americas deepest river gorge at 2436m. The citys name, Asotin, is from the Nez Perce language (spoken by the Nez Perce tribe) and means  "place of eel" from the abundance of eels caught here.
Mark Bone verified my reception and told me he just started to get involved in Amateur radio

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