onsdag 13 juli 2011

Forest FM,Verwood - 92.3 MHz

The 8th of July  there was some Italians in the lower part of the band but only the usual big networks. During the evening I wasn´t able to DX live, therefore I tuned my SB920 to a free QRG and pressed the recording button.
Later in the night when I arrive home there was a pleasant surprise in my recording. A few minutes after 7 o´clock  BBC R 3 came in and a little bit later I heard a commercial with ph nr indicating Dorset. The station went away but only to reappear  2 minutes later with a nice ID as "Forest FM"  by the announcer Laura Jerome. 
The station is a small non-profit community Radio Station in Verwood, Dorset staffed primarily by volunteers. With the low power of only 25Watts,  this is my best FM catch  from England.
Station Mgr Steve Saville answered my reception report and he´s a former FMDXer!! Heres what he wrote:

Hello Bernt
Thank you for your email.
I must admit I have been a DX'er in the past and I have often heard Swedish stations on FM here in the UK during Sporadic E sessions. Also Spanish and Eastern European stations. We also get French radio and TV regularly via tropospheric lifts.
We are in Verwood in the South of England.
I can confirm your reception report for 08-07-2011 - thank you for the recording, it was very interesting to hear. Typical Sporadic E I think !
I mentioned it on the breakfast programme this morning and I have attached the recording. I hope you enjoy it.
We will send a sticker and flyer in the post.
Kind regards
Steve Saville - station manager

Many thanks Steve for the QSL and here´s the recording from the Morning show:


Radijo Stotis Lietus "In The Rain" , Klapeida -103.7MHz

In the morning  10th of July there was a slight  tropo opening towards the southeast of Sala. On 103.7 the Klapedian station R Stotis Lietus came in a few minutes with some comercials and a jingle ID.  Lithuania is the most difficult to catch  country of the Baltics here in Sala. A reception report yesterday was directly answered by  the staff in Lithuanian. Thanks god for the google translation service !