fredag 16 december 2011

R Angulo, Holguín -740

Alone quite strong on the QRG in the morning of 21st November with a announcement of their website .
 Situated in the southeastern part of Cuba and named after the founder Garcia Holguín, an Spanish military officer back in 1545. From the hill Loma de la Cruz, where a large crucifix is installed, which can be ascended by its 450 stairs, one can see the whole city.
My veriesigner Eddy García de la Rosa was excited of my interesting hobby!

R Ciudad de la Habana -820/980

After ignoring Cuban stations for more than 25 years I tried  to get a few verified last month,  I reported  Radio
Ciudad de la Habana -820/980  and Periodista  Arienna Rodriguez swiftly replied and verified my reception report. She was surprised of the strong signals towards Sweden as she had received other  reports last week. The transmitter on 980kHz is probably R COCO with night relay of Ciudad.

KKXA Snohomish WA -1520

The station came thru when the cx turned to the west on the morning  30th of October. With C&W music its easy to recognize.
The name originates from Snohomish tribe and means wet snow according to the last chief of the tribe. Located on Pudget Sound between Skagit County to the north and Kings County (Seattle) to the South. On the east it is bordered by the crestline of the North Cascades, a beautiful mountain range.
Verified by a nice QSL Card!

torsdag 1 december 2011

WAMT Pine Castle FL -1190

The station was surprisingly heard in mid October together with the powerhouse WLIB on the freqcuency. ESPN Deportes but with spanish call-ID "WAMT Once noventa" on top of the hour.  The station is located in the outskirts of Orlando in Orange County, and as my veriesigner Jerry Smith writes, the two tower array located in a very very wet swampy area south of Orlando. The station has only 230W at nights but as Jerry told me they were at full daytime power of 4,7kW non-directional due to a remote control failure at the transmitter site.

onsdag 26 oktober 2011

WMOB Mobile AL -1360

In october last year I was very surprised one morning when a Gospel station took over the QRG and IDed as "we are Mobiles...13-60 WMOB Mobile"
The stations antenna pattern had been twisted due to two large industrial buildings that were built in the vincinity and weakened their signal. Fortunately for us DXers, but the owner Buddy Tucker shortly became irritated by all reception reports and decided to stop the QSLing.
Some time ago I got  an answer from Jackie Harrell at the station who verified that it was Buddy himself  on my recording I had enclosed.
My 46th State verified!
Mobile is located on the gulfcoast of US  and is the third  most populous city in Alabama with its 200 000 habitants.   The town is the birthplace of Marti Gras and has the oldest celibration, dating to the early 18th century  during the French colonial period

WUNO San Juan PR -630

WUNO  became an easy catch when NRK closed  erlier this year, often heard in early mornings with its Contacto NotiUno programs.  With  5kW and located on the northern coast the signals has no problems traveling to Sweden.
Luis A.Soto, Presidente, answered my reception report with a nice and informative letter.

söndag 9 oktober 2011

WQBA Miami FL -1140

a fairly regular guest on the frequency here in Möklinta in autumn when the propagation favors Florida. Have tried several times to get answers, but today Loretta Anaya, Vice President/ Stn Mgr verified my reception with a short email.

CKNX Wingham ON -920

The station is  quite regular when the cx turns towards the great lakes. Situated between Lake Huron and Lake Eire the town  can have quite treacherous winter conditions with blizzards and very low temperatures.
The area offers excellent fishing, golfing, hiking trails skiing and of course snowmobiling.
The station started as early as 1926  , owned by Blackburn Radio Inc. who also owns CHOK-1070 and ten other FM stations around southern Ontario.
V/s Rob Enders , Dir of Engineering

fredag 7 oktober 2011

KSJB Jamestown ND -600

600kHz is a frequency usually  occupied by CBC´s outlet in  St Anthony NL. But in the morning of 9th of November 2009, yes the same date as KEYZ-660 was heard, there was a C&W station going  up and down thru the noisefloor. At last there was a break in the music and call ID for "KSJB Jamestown North Dakota" was heard.  Op Mgr/Program Dir Jarrett Stevens  verifies my reception report. He also do the morningshow at the FM outlet KISS 99.3.
Jamestown -"The Buffalo City" in southeastern part of the state has about 15000 habitants and is the home for world´s biggest Buffalo statue. Agriculture is the main industry.
Alf Clausen was raised here, the composer of many episodes  of "The Simpsons" and movies like Moonlightning and Naked Gun.

torsdag 29 september 2011

KEYZ Williston ND -660

Nice letter from G.M. Bruce Welker today verified my reception report from November 9th 2009.  Bruce writes he understand our hobby and the excitement of receiving stations around the world as his father was a DXer when he was young. With their 5kW they cover  northwestern part of North Dakota some parts of Montana and Canada from Williston. Serves the listeners with news,farm and ranch reports and market information, all mixed up  with beutiful Country and Western music.

onsdag 28 september 2011

WRVA Richmond VA -1140

The 25th of January this year I had a pipeline of signals from Virginia. First I noticed WHKT -1650 with almost Q5 signals, on 1370 the pearl WSHV South Hill came thru with its slogan "Soul of the Southside". After a hint from my friend Torolf Johnsson I then found on 1140 " Your news weather and ...station, this is 50 000 watts...WRVA Richmond" A long sought-after station finally captured!
The station has a long history and was the city´s first radiostation back in 1925. Richmond, the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia with a population 1.2 million is situated at James River which forms in the Appalachian Mountains.
The station is not an easy catch, due to CBI and WQBA that often occupies the QRG.
V/s Ruth Stoutermire

WPLM Plymouth MA - 1390

 One early night in the end of August I heard a different voice on the frequency. I stopped scanning around  when Delilah  presented a love song and gave ID for the station as "WPLM and WPLM-FM". Sometimes they use their  slogan "Easy 99.1"  also here on 1390 when not carrying their usual business format Money Matters radio.
Located in Plymouth on the Atlantic coast come 45miles south of Boston and as my v/s Alan W.Anderson, G.M. writes: "The Pilgrims landed here in 1620, and we now proudly boast being America´s hometown" !

WIZZ Greenfield MA -1520 kHz

In the evening  12th of December 2010 the MW band opened up early enough  for Daytimer hunting.  On 1520 kHz there was a  NOS station instead of the usual  Buffalo powerhouse,WWKB. After a few minutes the c/d  procedure started with some nice ID´s and promo for upcoming programs. 
Greenfield is located in  Pioneer Valley at  the northeastern part of the state between  Connecticut river and the Berkshire foothills. Has about 18000 residents and is known for its picturesque  and vibrant downtown. The town is living up to its "green" name  by construction of a giant 2.0MW solar farm  this summer. It will supply half of the city-owned facilities with electricity.
V/s Daniel J.Ferriera Jr., Chief Engineer   

måndag 5 september 2011

WCMC Wildwood NJ-1230

The station has been heard a few times this season already, first the 25th of august when I caught a Top of the hour ID as "WCMC Wildwood"  and two days later with " ..Jesrey shore...broadcasting from .....the capital of America  and now from Cape May  town on AM 12-30 - Oldies 12-30 WMID"  The reason is that they simulcast with the sisterstation WMID -1340.
Wildwood/ Cape May is located on the southernmost tip of New Jersey with the Delaware bay to the west  and the Atlantic Ocean  to the east. The area is famous for their seaside resorts  and should also be a terrific place for DXing the european MW band
V/s  Gary Fisher, GM

onsdag 31 augusti 2011

WMTR Morristown NJ -1250

The reception of this station is a typical Grayzone-DX enhancement. It was heard August 27th during the last minutes before the station changed to its  night time antenna pattern,  when they have  almost no signal towards Scandinavia. The daytime antenna pattern has a better coverage towards northeast but with 2 kW lower power.
The signal was very weak but with a distinct ID as " 12-50 WMTR Morristown"  I sent the recording to Program Director Chris Edwards who verified my reception today.A nice opening of the new season!

CBG Gander NL-1400

this station is like a lighthouse in the AM band, always there when its open towards the northwesten hemisphere. I noted the station some days ago with a new type of  local ID, "CBC Radio One 1400 AM in Gander".  I sent Maureen Anonsen a reception report which was verified swiftly.
Gander is located on the northeastern part of the Island of Newfoundland and has a population of aprox. 10000 habitants. Gander was actually first an military airport that was built during the second world war where a town  started to  develop around.  The airport  later became Gander International Airport. It was used as a refuelling stop for atlantic flights in many years  until the newer long-range aircrafts hit the market.

onsdag 13 juli 2011

Forest FM,Verwood - 92.3 MHz

The 8th of July  there was some Italians in the lower part of the band but only the usual big networks. During the evening I wasn´t able to DX live, therefore I tuned my SB920 to a free QRG and pressed the recording button.
Later in the night when I arrive home there was a pleasant surprise in my recording. A few minutes after 7 o´clock  BBC R 3 came in and a little bit later I heard a commercial with ph nr indicating Dorset. The station went away but only to reappear  2 minutes later with a nice ID as "Forest FM"  by the announcer Laura Jerome. 
The station is a small non-profit community Radio Station in Verwood, Dorset staffed primarily by volunteers. With the low power of only 25Watts,  this is my best FM catch  from England.
Station Mgr Steve Saville answered my reception report and he´s a former FMDXer!! Heres what he wrote:

Hello Bernt
Thank you for your email.
I must admit I have been a DX'er in the past and I have often heard Swedish stations on FM here in the UK during Sporadic E sessions. Also Spanish and Eastern European stations. We also get French radio and TV regularly via tropospheric lifts.
We are in Verwood in the South of England.
I can confirm your reception report for 08-07-2011 - thank you for the recording, it was very interesting to hear. Typical Sporadic E I think !
I mentioned it on the breakfast programme this morning and I have attached the recording. I hope you enjoy it.
We will send a sticker and flyer in the post.
Kind regards
Steve Saville - station manager

Many thanks Steve for the QSL and here´s the recording from the Morning show:

Radijo Stotis Lietus "In The Rain" , Klapeida -103.7MHz

In the morning  10th of July there was a slight  tropo opening towards the southeast of Sala. On 103.7 the Klapedian station R Stotis Lietus came in a few minutes with some comercials and a jingle ID.  Lithuania is the most difficult to catch  country of the Baltics here in Sala. A reception report yesterday was directly answered by  the staff in Lithuanian. Thanks god for the google translation service !

tisdag 28 juni 2011

Lor´FM, Landres - 97,2 MHz

During my first real eskip for the season of 2010 I stumbled across this French station in the evening 1st of June. Its located in the  northeastern part of  France, near the borders of Belgium and Luxembourg. With the distance of 1430km a little shorter eskip than usual.
V/s  Alain Reige confirmed my reception with a short email.

tisdag 7 juni 2011

WPMP Pascagoula,MS-1580kHz

This was a big surprise when it came thru the morning 8th of November 2009.  According to the new owner it couldn´t been on daypower because the highpower transmitter had failed then, so with 51 Watt nighttime power it is quite a catch! Big thanks to Torolf J who also heard them the same morning and OJS who found  out the  email address. The date was one of the better mornings that season with wide cx from east to the west and south.
Pascagoula -Mississippi´s Flagship City, is located at the coastline just 15km from the Alabaman stateline. The name Pascagoula is a Mobilian Jargon term meaning "bread eaters". It is taken from a group of native americans found in the villages along the Pascagoula River back in the sixteenth century.
The station has now a new call, WPMO, and transmits in parallell with its daytimer station on 1440,WVGG.
Noah Britt, GM, recognized in my  recording the TOH-ID of their morning host Walter Thornton.

fredag 27 maj 2011

HOQ62 Radio Ritmo Stereo, Chitré -890kHz

Near the end of the sunrise conditions the 26th of March  this station came up with a few nice ID´s and mentions of its FM QRG 97.5. The town is located on the Pacific Ocean side of the country near the gulf of Panama. Named after the native tribe Chitra and the population is about 45000.
My veriesigner was Lourdes de Camaño

måndag 23 maj 2011

Jazz Radio, Corse -88,7 MHz

The 1st of June-10 I had the first better e-skip conditions last season. From Turkey to France from mid-day to the evening. At 1452 I had a station with soul and jazz music in and out on 88,7MHz with french. After a few minutes  I caught a short ID from one of the two Jazz R transmitters on the island of Corse. There is one in Bastia beaming its signal south and the other in Ghisoni in the middle of the island beaming its power north-northwest, which was probably the one that I heard.
A nice letter  and verification  came today from Cédric Badet, the engineer of the station who also enclosed cov-maps and a picture of the station

lördag 14 maj 2011

CKGM Montréal QC -990kHz

Montreal's English-language sports station The Team 990 can 
 sometimes be heard with a  great strengths although it is on a European QRG. The most common NA station here in central Sweden is probably CBY Corner Brook NL, but when the condition are moving a little further inland they pop up frequently with their "Montreal Sports Authority, The Team   9-90AM"
I heard them in the morning  December 12th  last year with strong signals and all alone on the frequency. 
V/s Wayne Bews, GM   

onsdag 11 maj 2011

Arctic Radio Morokulien - 1584kHz

In december 2009 Arctic Radio Club arranged an special transmission from the border  village  Morokulien .
The village is located at the Swedish-Norwegian border and in 1910 the Nordic Peace Congress decided to raise a peace monument here to celibrate 100 years of peace between the countries.
V/s was my friend Bengt Ericsson that personally handed over the QSL at the Arctic Radio Clubs yearly meeting in Halmstad last weekend!

tisdag 10 maj 2011

WEZS Laconia NH 1350kHz

I heard the station a few times in October and December 2010 just before the top of the hour with its slogan and ID "WEZS Laconia- Oldies 1350"
 Laconia  - "City of the Lakes" with its 15000 habitants   is located between Lake Winnisquam and Winnipeasukee in the middle of the State. 
Veriesigner  Gary Hammond told me he recognized the top-of-the-hour ID voiced by Don Bishop, a west coast voice talent who records all of their station ID´s.
The station is one of the very few remaining independenly  owned and operated stations in the state.
 He has also received  a number of reception reports from Norway and Finland, often from  the last few minutes of daypower operation. 

onsdag 4 maj 2011

Radio Onda Cero, Chamaca - Cusco Dept. 1640kHz

A station that has been more or less common during the last weeks excelent conditions towards Peru. Torolf Johnsson was the first to find the station and there has been a long period of researching to reveal the location of the station, mostly done by Henrik Klemetz as usual !
David Torres Boza who answered my reception report (thanks Fredrik Dourén for contact info) writes that Chamaca is a small village with about  500 habitants at the altitude of 3800 meters  above sea level.

onsdag 27 april 2011

OCU2X Radio Turbo Mix , Cajamarca -1540

The dominant peruvian  station on the frequency easy to recognize with its sharp audio . I heard them with strong signals at sunrise the 26 March.
Cajamarca is a town and province with the same name located in the northwestern part of Peru. Here was the last Ruler of the Inca Empire, Athahualpa,  captured by the Spainards . A randsom (a room filled with gold) was paid by the Incas but he was killed anyway....
 Deisy verified my reception report  swiftly by mail

OA** Radio Pachatusán, Sicuani -1240kHz

A few weeks ago I was informed that there was a new Peruvian on air  on 1240kHz with a exotic name. Fredrik Dourén and Torolf Johnsson was the first to hear them and a few days later I also catched them with ID just before c/d at 0303UTC.
Pachatusán is with its height of 4900 meters one of five mountains surrounding the city of Cusco and got its name from the Quechua word translated into spanish means "He who holds the world".
V/s was José Luis Quintasi Valer, Jefe de deportes

torsdag 14 april 2011

WHLI Hempstead NY -1100

verified my reception report today with a nice email from Dave Widmer, President. The station came thru 20 min before closedown the 12th of December 2010 with its NOS music

KKBJ Bemidji MN -1360

Brian Schultz verified with a brief email today. The station was heard on the morning of October 15th, 2009 

fredag 8 april 2011

OAX4N Radio Bacán Sat, Lince -1129,93

The station was one of the strongest during the morning peak 26th of March  2011 and went steady for about 15min. Due to the offset  it was easy to find.Transmitting with 2.6 kW from Lince  which is a suburb of Lima, about 5km southwest of the same.Maribel Gonzales responded by email and a enclosed QSL letter

OAU2M Radio Layzon, Cajamarca -1170

At saturday morning,  26th March 2011,  I had a strong sunrise peak  towards the Cajamarca region of Peru. Strong signals at many frequencies. With the Perseus I captured a number of interesting signals  and the  most unexpected was Radio Layzon, Cajamarca, which went through the Europeans with a relatively sharp sound and the typical Andean music. Several Cajamarca mentions  in the talk and later an echoing announcement as "Layzon-Layzon-Layzon" fixed the identity. Fredrik Dourén - FD,Borlänge  also caught them the same time.
 Grimaneza Ortiz, Gerente de la Radio verified my reception report and asked me why not also  listening to their FM transmitter 90.5.....? :-)

OAX4U Radio Cielo, Lima -1010

The station appeared at the morning peak of 18th of March 2011 when a small rush towards Peru with  the most common 5-6 stations. The station gave several IDs which  I had at first a bit difficult to decipher, but with the help of my friend  Torolf-TJ  it was fixed .
Raúl Adolfo Arias Ramos confirmed quickly my reception report  via email. The station broadcasts with 10kW from Lima, but is not very common most time of the year, best chances we have in April and May.

tisdag 5 april 2011

WZYX Cowan TN -1440

In late October 2010 I started to watch the silent hour of Luxembourg -1440 on the night to see if anything interesting would pop up. Just a few nights later there was a big surprise when some gospel music  showed up  on the frequency  followed by the announcement "... more news with Wayne Thomas heard 25 past each hour on WZYX"Probably a day/night switch power failure which resulted in the fun log.
Cowan is a small town in southern Tennessee  with only about 1800 residents in FranklinCountyAnthony Ramirez  replied  after a f/up

WAQI Miami FL "Radio Mambi" -710

October 1st 2010 it was again interesting cx with south Florida stations on several frequencies.
At 670kHz a weak "La Poderosa" was heard (WWFE) under the strong Cuban.
When I went up to 710kHz  the Cuban was significantly  QRMed by another SS talker which turned ouot to be Radio Mambi with this TOH ID: 
  "Radio Mambi-WAQI Miami Ft Lauderdale - Radio Mambi 
Broadcasting. Radio Mambi La Grande 710 onda media. La emisora ​​más Potente del sur de Florida. Transmitiendo con ... noche el sur de Florida,Cuba y el Caribe ... was heard as a combined EE / SS identification.

Loretta Anaya at the station verified my report after using the address from Tua, Thanks!