fredag 28 december 2012

WIOU Kokomo IN -1350

Was a pleasant surprise in the morning  6th of November. The station appeared a few minutes around the TOH  identifying as "..for your ears broadcasting from a .... studios, this is Newstalk  Sports 13-50 AM WIOU Kokomo" .The most common stations here are CKAD and WOYK but this morning the conditions where focused more towards the midwest.  I swiftly received two emails from Rob Rupe,P.M. and Chris Lowry Sports Director confirming my reception. Rob writes that they use a directional  N-NW antenna  to protect others on 1350 kHz with a power of 1 kW during the dark hours.

onsdag 26 december 2012

KBYR Anchorage AK-700

The 7th of November 2009 was one of the  best DX day ever towards Alaska here in Moklinta. 13 AK stations was heard in a few hours time, I doubt I ever will  experience such a day again here in the south of Sweden.
On 700kHz I caught the announcement " this is the best of the G. Gordon Liddy show on Smart Radio AM 700 KBYR"  after the 1300UTC news !  At the same time 5 of the 6 Anchorage stations was received, only KTZN-550 passed through my net that day...
The station was a little tricky to get verified, but finally I got an answer from Bill Sigmar, G.M.

lördag 17 november 2012

WPYR Baton Rouge LA -1380

In the end of October I heard religious program on 1380 kHz that turned out to be the unusual guest WPYR, the Catholic Comunity Radio of Baton Rouge LA.   They probably missed the switch to nightpower  and aired 5kW this night.  A swift answer was received a few days ago from David Dawson, Stn Mgr.
Baton Rouge is the Capital of Louisiana  and the second-largest city in the state behind New Orleans.  Located upstreams Mississippi  with a population of approx. 230.000. They have a humid subtropical climate and the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico means that the city is exposed to hurricanes and storms all year around
Looks like David Dawson  also use our in DX circles so popular software,  CoolEdit/Adobe Audition

torsdag 15 november 2012

WBTX Broadway -Timberville VA -1470

A late christmas gift last year was the signals of the daytimer WBTX that surfed above the noise threshold  26th of December with Southern Gospel music followed by winter  weather cancellations. The TOH ID was "This is 14-70 WBTX Broadway-Timberville-Harrisonburg"  The station is located in the  beautiful Shenandoah Valley .
Received a nice letter today and a request  to record a "listener liner" for their program.

onsdag 7 november 2012

WJCV Jacksonville NC -1290

This is one of my favourite frequencies where I have heard a lot US stations over the years.  The 14th of December last year I heard some Gospel music followed by  "WJCV, we´re Jacksonville´s Christian Voice - WJCV Jacksonville..." followed by IRN News in a jumble of other stations. I also heard them again a few nights later. Received a nice Facebook message a few weeks ago confirming my reception.
Jacksonville is a small city in Onslow county in the southeastern part of North Carolina.  It is the youngest city in the United states with an average age of 22.8 years old, which can be attributed to the large military presence. Both Marine Corps base camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air station  New River are located here.


tisdag 6 november 2012

KMIK Tempe AZ -1580

Arizona stations has always been very difficult to catch below the Polar circle, so when I got the exciting news that KMIK R Disney been heard with strong signals by OJS in Kongsfjord I decided to monitor the QRG. After a few mornings I heard Radio Disney programs on the frequency and the 22nd of October I catched their local ID a few minutes before the TOH as "This is KMIK KMIK HD ..Phoenix....Radio Disney" 
Station Mgr Steve Earnheart  confirmed my reception after a few hours:

Arizona became my 48th verified  state,three left...

PJZ-86 Radio Curom, Willemstad -860

The morning  26th of January 2012 I had huge signals from a lot of Venezuelans all over the band and suddenly I stopped on 860 where a strange jingle was heard between two songs. After playing the jingle a few times I heard  what was sunged, "Z ochenta seis emisora"   As the quality of the reception was quite good I sent the station a recording of the jingle but got no reaction from them. Not until I came in contact with Jason Jordan Thode who works as a DJ and producer at all three Curom Broadcasting stations, Z86 -860, 88Rockorsou -88.3  and  MI-95 -95,7. He verified my reception swiftly and welcomed me to visit their beautiful Island Curacao!
Curacao, the "C" lettter of the ABC Islands (Aruba,Bonaire and Curacao) is  located in the southern Caribbean Sea  just north of the Venezuelan coast. Erlier Curacao was a part of   The Nederland Antilles but the 10th of October 2010 it became new constituent country  .
Pastel coloured shophouses at Handelskade in Willemstad 

torsdag 25 oktober 2012

PJB TWR Bonaire -800

Like a lighthouse they use to be heard frequently here in Sweden, identifying also as Radio Trans Mundial in spanish. I received a nice letter from Bill Early today

CMHA R Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey -910

this was quite a surprise to hear as the frequency always use to be blocked by strong splashes of BBC -909.  Heard them a few minutes at sunrise and the ID "Cadena Agramonte ...Camagüey"  was easily recognized .  Alicia Sosa Velázquez, Dir  verified my report and invited me to visit the beautiful Cuba.
Camagüey - "La ciudad Confusa" is the third largest city in Cuba. Nicknamed also as "The Maze" because of its narrow twisting streets and alleys, which start or end in public squares and form a complicated labyrinth that was deliberately designed this way to confuse pirates and other raiders in the past.

onsdag 24 oktober 2012

WHK Cleveland OH -1420

A nice and very welcome QSL letter was received a few days ago from Brett P. Dir of Engineering

WKBK Keene NH -1290

This one of the many talk stations on the QRG. I heard them in September last year with its "AM 12-90 104.1 WKBK" ID .  Ira Wilner,  Chief Engineer  and also a Radio Amateur and DXer swiftly answered my reception report. Many thanks Fredrik Douren for the contact information.


tisdag 23 oktober 2012

KKAA Aberdeen SD -1560

The 11th of December 2011 there was quite good conditions towards the midwest and on 1560 I heard religious programs from Family Radio on the QRG. Have heard them before but never managed to get a QSL, but today after fresh contact  info from Fredrik Douren -FD  I came in contact with  Jenny Burkhiser , Public Affairs Director who verified my reception.
Aberdeen is located in the northeastern part of the state  with a city population of 26.000 people . Officially founded in 1881, the date of the first arrival of a Milwaukee Railroad train.  The town is subject to wide extremes and fluctations in temperature with a average low of -17 degrees C in January and a average high  of 29,3 degrees in July.
This is also the home of Super 8 Motels, which is the world´s largest budget hotel chain.

BBC Radio Cornwall -630 / -657

It took many years , but finally, I caught my  last BBC local  on MW. The morning 7th of September there was quite strange conditions when both the tx´s  of BBC R Cornwall -630 and -657 dominated their QRGs.
V/s  Tiffany Truscott  verified my reception report today

fredag 19 oktober 2012

WWFE Miami FL -670

Have tried many times to get them verified by the  many emailaddresses on the station website, but no luck.  A few days ago I found them on facebook  and got a positive answer almost directly,

Dear Bernt, Yes, that is indeed us! It seems...
La Poderosa-WWFE
Dear Bernt,

Yes, that is indeed us! It seems DXing is a popular hobby in Scandinavia because all these requests come from there. Very interesting. Good luck with your future endeavors. 

The station is not easy to hear as the Cubans on the same QRG is sooo much stronger and the pattern that "La Poderosa" use has no signal at all in our direction up here in Scandinavia. Seems that there was some pretty strange conditions the 1st October  2010 when I heard them.

torsdag 18 oktober 2012

WNIK R Única, Arecibo PR -1230

Heard them the 21st of January 2012 , alone on the QRG at my local midnight. It was the first time in many years I´ve heard them, and now with a beautiful ID as "Transmite WNIK 1230 AM Puerto Rico"
V/s Jose G Garcia  Gonzalez  verified my reception at the same time as WMSW today. Muchas Gracias Jose!

WMSW Radio Once, Hatillo PR -1120

The 27th of September last season there was a little better than normal propagation towards Puerto Rico  at sunrise and I watched 1120kHz for almost an hour. At last I heard a nice jingle for "Radio Once" . Sent them a reception report but got no reaction from the station.  A few days ago I got a tip from my friend Gert Nilsson  -GN  about a Technican on WMSW/WNIK , Jose Gerardo Garcia , who swiftly verified my reception report.
Hatillo is located on the northwestern coast  between Camuy and Arecibo.

onsdag 17 oktober 2012

WPLN Madison TN -1430

One of the more surprising catches of the 2010 season was  WPLN on 1430. The station probably had some problems with the switch to nightpower/ antenna pattern and kept the daytime 15kW nondirectional running all night. It was the 22nd of October that I heard   "This is Nashville´s Public Radio 14-30 WPLN"  and a few other DX-fellows too,  here in Sweden.
Today I got a nice verification at last from Carl Pedersen:

Mr. Holmberg, 
I am responding to your note to Donna regard reception of WPLN 1430AM on Oct 22nd 2010.   I listened to the mp3 and heard the station ID clearly. 
Please consider this note as official verification of your reception of WPLN-AM in Nashville, TN.
Carl Pedersen
Technology Director
Nashville Public Radio
The station located in Madison,  a northeastern neighborhood in Nashville,  serving Nashville with Public Radio. As seen on the coverage map the signals reached a little bit further that night than normal...

WENJ Atlantic City NJ -1450

The most regular one together with Bermuda on the QRG here in Möklinta. A few days ago I  wrote a f/up after hearing them the 5th of January -11, and received   a short message from Kristen Lucca :


So fun and cool!  Yep that's our station!


heard them with a "97.3 FM ESPN FM" which is their FM output from ESPN South Jersey.
Atlantic City, nicknamed as "World´s Favorite Playground" a internationally reowned resort city for gambling,conventions and leisure. The city also served as the inspiration  for the original verison of the board game Monopoly. The city is located on the Atlantic coast with about 40.000 habitants.

WNRP Gulf Breeze FL -1620

This station have  been on my most wanted list since they started back in 2005. The ridiculous many Cubans on the frequency, plus the carribbeansWHDP ST Croix  (the reasons of the cuban invasion of the QRG,they relay Radio Martí at nights...) have done the searching of US stations here very difficult. Only a few times i´ve had selective conditions when I could slice out some of the northern stations instead. The 12th of December 2010 was such a date when I first caught " News, Talk, Traffic and Weather - This is Newsradio 16-20 WNRP Gulf Breeze"  and also later KOZN NE .
It was tricky to get them verified until I got contact with the owner  Dave Hoxeng who verified my reception today and also promise to mail a good old QSL Card!

Located on the northwestern tip of Florida , targeting Pensacola just over the bridge, makes the station a difficult catch as the conditions seldom reach this area.
They started back in 2005 as "Classic Country AM 1620" , but changed format in 2007 and was renamed as Newstalk 1620 - Pensacola´s Live , Local NewsTalk Station".  Both WNRP and the sister station CatCountry 98.7 are locally owned by Dave and Mary Hoxeng.

Gulf Breeze...a wonderful name, isn´t it ?  

HJJW Em Nuevo Continente, Bogotá -1460

The 11th of September I had some pretty strong signals from Bogota. On 1460kHz  I caught "esta es la señal de Nuevo Continente en Bogotá HJJW Amplitud Modulada 1460 kHz....Nuevo Continente - La Alternativa Diferente"  totally dominated the frequency. 
Luis Enrique Ramos swiftly confirmed my reception.

CMBD Radio Reloj, Cuba -870

One of the beacons of Cuba , easily recognized programs with a clock ticking in the background and very very often mentions the time. A few weeks ago I reported the station and yesterday  a nice answer arrived from Sonia Suarez :
 Sr. Bernt-Iván:
                    Le escribo para confirmar que ciertamente en esa fecha y a esa hora usted sintonizó claramente Radio Reloj, la muestra de audio  que me envía está clarísima. La locutora se escucha a la perfección. Gracias por la sintonía. Ojalá pronto vuelva a sintonizarnoss y pueda escuchar muchas más cosas de mi país, CUBA. Cariños para su esposa Paola, besos para sus niñas: Jennifer, Jessica y Nathalie y usted reciba mi saludo afectuoso,

WDDY Albany NY -1460

Two NY stations on the same QRG, WHIC Rochester and WDDY Albany, but in each side of the state. From my horizon its about 50/50 chance  which station that dominates the QRG depending on how selective  the conditions are.  WDDY radiates Radio Disney and use to put in local IDs a few minutes before TOH, as when I heard them the 13th of November last season "Radio WDDY and WDDY HD Albany" 
Today Sara Wiseman, Stn Mgr confirmed my reception with a short email
Albany is the capital city of the state of New York, sits on the west bank of Hudson River roughly 240km north of NYC. Albany  has close ties with the nearby cities of Troy,Schenectady and Saratoga Springs, forming the region called Capital District.

WFIF Milford CT -1500

I have been watching this QRG many times when the the possibilities for daytimer signals been good, but always ended up with the signals from WLQV instead. They also belong to Life Changing Radio Network  so one must be careful  not confuse the stations.
The 23rd of October last season  I once again had WLQV  strong, but just before 22UTC  the signals from WFIF popped up  and luckily with a announcement as "You´re tuned to AM 1500 WFIF, stay tuned for a special program from WFIF Radio"  These words really made my day !
Jon Vaught, Stn Mgr, sent a pleasent message to me a few days ago :

Dear Mr. Holmberg,

Yes, this is a verification of the reception report you sent to Dave Young about our station, WFIF. WFIF is a Christian radio station, located in Milford, Connecticut, USA. We are a daytime station only. We periodically receive reception reports from your area of the world. Congratulations for picking up our signal.

Blessings in JESUS,

Jon Vaught
Station Manager
WFIF 1500 AM

Their market are Bridgeport in the south to New Haven on the north but the station is located in Milford  on the northern shore of Long Island Sound just an hour from New York City.With about 50.000 residents,they call themself  "A small city with a Big Heart" 

tisdag 16 oktober 2012

WSUA Miami FL -1260

Although  located on a European MW QRG it is pretty regular guest here in Möklinta, especially in the early season Aug-Oct. Identifies as "Caracol 1260" and with the English call-ID at TOH. Heard them the 11th of September promoting their website "" . As the name says closely connected to Caracol Colombia
V/s  Tomas A. Martinez Vice Pres and GM.  confirmed my report today.

lördag 13 oktober 2012

WXYT Detroit MI -1270

The QRG is often dominated by CJCB here in Möklinta, but when the condtion moves further west it can be  as a bubbling pot of stations. Two MI Talk stations can be found of the frequency, WMKT and also WXYT which I heard the 15th of Dec 2011 with a ID and jingle. They currently running a conservative talk radio format, but will switch to the new CBS Sports Radio in January 2013.
V/s Rona Danziger

WAMG Dedham MA -890

The station is most common in early nights here, easily recognized by their hot Tropical music and "La nueva Mega"  slogans. Heard them the 16th of September 2012 and soon received a short email message as "Congratulations, that is us.    Ivon Gois, GM WAMG 890"  

La Nueva Mega consists of three stations covering the central and eastern part of Massachusetts from Dedham, Lowell-Lawrence and Worcester.

WCHP Champlain NY -760

As I have wrote about earlier,  was the 12th of Dec 2010 a extraordinary evening with many audible daytimer signals. On 760 khz I´ve heard french religious programmes earlier suspecting the Champlain station but never got a positive ID. This evening at 21UTC I had them again, now with quite strong signal altough the QRM from nearby europeans was intensive. At 21.14 the program ended and the closedown procedure  started and "..WCHP Champlain  operates on a assigned frequency of 760 kHz..." was perceived  and a few more IDs.
The vicinity to Quebec and the direction of their antenna pattern indicates the market they´re aiming at are both Montréal and Quebéc City.
Champlain is a border town with about 5700 inhabitants in the northeastern part of the state, along the Interstate 87. Named after the Lake Champlain which forms the border with Virginia State.
As I didn´t receive any reactions on my former reception report I tried a f/up yesterday. A few hours later Teri Billiter, General Mgr wrote back confirming my reception. He also heard from "listeners" in Denmark,Norway and Germany last year.