fredag 13 september 2013

Radio Lev Hamedina,Shfela Israel -91,0

One of my greatest FM catches of all time happened the 29th of June 2011 when I suddenly heard Hebrew talk on 91,0 MHz. A few seconds later I caught the ID "Radio Lev Hamediná" Had no idea where it came from until I searched the Internet  and was chocked by the length, 3400km . Must have been a double-hop  Sporadic-E propagation and at the same time I noticed a few other channels with arabic speaking stations, none of them identified.
It wasn´t easy to get in contact with the station but at last Aviram Gaon  replied  after he been listening to my recording that is was their station I´ve heard.

WIPR Máxima 940,San Juan -940

A usual guest on the frequency is "Máxima 9-40" which is a news-traffic and weather station , but when we hear them here in Sweden its with non-stop music programs during the local night.  I sent them a reception report last autumn and got a nice verification via Facebook.  

KRJO Monroe LA-1680

Located in the northern Louisiana and one of 6 US stations on the QRG. I heard them back in 2009  when they called themself  "Old School 16-80 AM"   but now todays format is Business News.
Program Dir J.R.Smith  verified my reception

WMEL Cocoa Beach FL -1300

February 6th I caught the rather rare signals of WMEL during selective cx towards central Florida. The usual FL station here is WFFG from the southern Key West but the QRG is well populated  and the dominant triple here in Möklinta  are WOOD-WJMO-KGLO, all three with excellent pattern towards Sweden.
The Owner John Harper wrote:

"Hi Bernt:

What a delight to learn from your report that you were able to receive my radio station in Sala, Sweden.  That is truly exciting news for us here at W M E L  Talk Radio AM 1300 on Cocoa Beach, Florida.

I will share your wonderful news with our staff and especially our Chief Engineer (Johnny O Hara).  I know he will really be thrilled as well.

Please keep in touch. 

John Harper and Your friends @ AM 1300 WMEL Cocoa Beach, Florida"

Cocoa Beach is located just south of  Cape Canaveral

torsdag 12 september 2013

Vahon FM, Haag -1557

The 15th of December last year I heard a strong signal one morning with oriental music on 1557kHz which turned out to be Vahon FM, the local voice for over  50.000 hindus  in and around Hauge in the Nederlands.  QSL-Manager Koos Wijnants  verified my reception , Thanks !