söndag 13 oktober 2013

OBX4N R Corporacion, Cerro de Pasco -1540

Back in may 2010 I heard the station  a few times with beautiful andean music. The QRG is often occupied by TurboMix but I also heard R Milenio Universal from Arequipa last year.
Cerro de Pasco is a city of  70 000 inhabitants and an important mining center located at the top of the andean mountains. At a elevation of   4330 meters it is one of the highest cities in the world
The shortwave QRG in the header is inactive since many years.
P.C. Tito Vera Romero , Gerente General  verified my reception

CBT Grand Falls - Windsor NL -540

One of the CBC R One outlets in Newfoundland  that sometimes present strong signals here in Möklinta. They identify locally one minute before top of the hour as "CBC Radio One 5-40 AM in Grand Falls-Windsor  -Canada lives here"
Maureen Anonsen, Mgr verified my reception recently.

WPSL Port St Lucie FL-1590

The same morning I heard WMEL-1300   (20130206) I noticed that both 1430 and 1590 presented interesting signals. The 1430 station was revealed  as WTMN Gainesville  and 1590 identified itself as "This is WPSL Port Saint Lucie 15-90 - The talk of the Treasure Coast" . Been searching for them many times but now it finally got caught.  Greg Wyatt , Vice President wrote :
Hi Bernt…..Thanks for listening, this is amazing because we can’t even hit South Stuart Florida (just 28 miles away) at night…..Good stuff. Have a great summer. Greg Wyatt VP/GM"
They share the same building as their sisterstation WJNX "La Gigante" -1330

lördag 5 oktober 2013

WCAP Lowell MA -980

As we all know the  12th of January was a fantastic day  for TA receptions and an hour before  my local midnight I caught a signal playing oldies on the QRG. I followed the signal and after about 30 minutes I heard the ID as "This is AM 9-80 WCAP - Everybody gets it!" 
I send them my reception report and got a nice answer from Gerrry Lauderdale:

That is our station , no doubt about it. We are a 5,000 watt 24 hour news talk station during the day with Beatles and Before music in automation at night. We serve Lowell Massachusetts and have been in continuous operation since 1952. Keep listening and we will stay in touch. AM is amazing how it bounces around world......wow
Gerry Lauderdale
980 WCAP Radio
Serving the Entire Merrimack Valley
office 978-454-0404
cell 978-973-4183

Streaming at www.980wcap.com