onsdag 11 december 2013

WXTG Hampton VA -1490

In late evening Dec 25th 2011 I heard a sports station which referenced a fotball game. A few promos for Compass Media network was heard together with the slogan "American new home for AFL Fotball, this is the Game"  After 30 minutes I finally heard the ID as  "WXTG Fox Sports Radio - The Game is WXTG FM, WXTG AM Red Zebra Broadcasting".  It was difficult to find a working email  but finally I came in contact with BT Briggs, Op. Prod. and Traffic/PSA Director  who confirmed my reception.

CMGL R Sancti Spíritus,Yaguajay -1200

The 17th of January 2012 I had a nice opening towards Cuba  and for the first time I heard R Sancti Spíritus from the northern city of Yaguajay. The station also has transmitters in Trinidad (1190) and in Sancti Spírtitus (1210) which is the strongest with a power of 10kW.
Webmaster  Wilber Zada Rosendi verified my reception  and wrote that I had heard a part of the programme Seleciones Musicales.

söndag 8 december 2013

OAU6A Radio Milenio Universal, Arequipa -1540

In April 2011 I had  a few mornings with many signals from Peru.On 1540 I had signals from R Corporacion and Turbo Mix the 19th and the next morning conditions favoured  more southern parts of the country and I was lucky to hear Radio Milenio Universal from Arequipa on the same QRG.  Had  problems finding a contact address until I found them on Facebook. Manuel Alfredo Montes Urday verified my recording and that it also was his own voice I had heard announce "Radio Milenio Universal 1540kHz Amplitud Modulada" .
 La Plaza de Armas de ciudad de Arequipa

OBX4W Callao Super Radio , Lima -1400

This one use to be heard with huge signals in late spring at sunrise if the conditions favour Peru.  Got a nice Facebook message from Hernán Espinoza Neyra verifying my reception and also mentioned that it was his voice I heard reading the comercials.

torsdag 28 november 2013

R Urkupiña, Quillacollo Cochabamba -1560

My best ever conditions towards Bolivia on MW were at May 8 this year when signals from  the country was heard on several QRGs.  On 1560,142 kHz I heard a fotball commentary from a game between Aurora and Nacional Potosí and that the game was played on Estado Felix Capriles in Cochabamba. I sent a letter to the station (it didn´t exist at all on the internet) and a few weeks later a email from Patricia Salazar verified my reception. I also contacted Henrik Klemetz at the same time about my findings and with his contacts in the city he also  arranged  so I got this beautiful QSLcard from the station. Many Thanks Henrik!
The same night I also heard  two tentative  Bolivian "Community" stations on 1080 and 1570,71 but couldn´t get a positive ID from neither of them. Exciting anyway !

söndag 13 oktober 2013

OBX4N R Corporacion, Cerro de Pasco -1540

Back in may 2010 I heard the station  a few times with beautiful andean music. The QRG is often occupied by TurboMix but I also heard R Milenio Universal from Arequipa last year.
Cerro de Pasco is a city of  70 000 inhabitants and an important mining center located at the top of the andean mountains. At a elevation of   4330 meters it is one of the highest cities in the world
The shortwave QRG in the header is inactive since many years.
P.C. Tito Vera Romero , Gerente General  verified my reception

CBT Grand Falls - Windsor NL -540

One of the CBC R One outlets in Newfoundland  that sometimes present strong signals here in Möklinta. They identify locally one minute before top of the hour as "CBC Radio One 5-40 AM in Grand Falls-Windsor  -Canada lives here"
Maureen Anonsen, Mgr verified my reception recently.

WPSL Port St Lucie FL-1590

The same morning I heard WMEL-1300   (20130206) I noticed that both 1430 and 1590 presented interesting signals. The 1430 station was revealed  as WTMN Gainesville  and 1590 identified itself as "This is WPSL Port Saint Lucie 15-90 - The talk of the Treasure Coast" . Been searching for them many times but now it finally got caught.  Greg Wyatt , Vice President wrote :
Hi Bernt…..Thanks for listening, this is amazing because we can’t even hit South Stuart Florida (just 28 miles away) at night…..Good stuff. Have a great summer. Greg Wyatt VP/GM"
They share the same building as their sisterstation WJNX "La Gigante" -1330

lördag 5 oktober 2013

WCAP Lowell MA -980

As we all know the  12th of January was a fantastic day  for TA receptions and an hour before  my local midnight I caught a signal playing oldies on the QRG. I followed the signal and after about 30 minutes I heard the ID as "This is AM 9-80 WCAP - Everybody gets it!" 
I send them my reception report and got a nice answer from Gerrry Lauderdale:

That is our station , no doubt about it. We are a 5,000 watt 24 hour news talk station during the day with Beatles and Before music in automation at night. We serve Lowell Massachusetts and have been in continuous operation since 1952. Keep listening and we will stay in touch. AM is amazing how it bounces around world......wow
Gerry Lauderdale
980 WCAP Radio
Serving the Entire Merrimack Valley
office 978-454-0404
cell 978-973-4183

Streaming at www.980wcap.com

fredag 13 september 2013

Radio Lev Hamedina,Shfela Israel -91,0

One of my greatest FM catches of all time happened the 29th of June 2011 when I suddenly heard Hebrew talk on 91,0 MHz. A few seconds later I caught the ID "Radio Lev Hamediná" Had no idea where it came from until I searched the Internet  and was chocked by the length, 3400km . Must have been a double-hop  Sporadic-E propagation and at the same time I noticed a few other channels with arabic speaking stations, none of them identified.
It wasn´t easy to get in contact with the station but at last Aviram Gaon  replied  after he been listening to my recording that is was their station I´ve heard.

WIPR Máxima 940,San Juan -940

A usual guest on the frequency is "Máxima 9-40" which is a news-traffic and weather station , but when we hear them here in Sweden its with non-stop music programs during the local night.  I sent them a reception report last autumn and got a nice verification via Facebook.  

KRJO Monroe LA-1680

Located in the northern Louisiana and one of 6 US stations on the QRG. I heard them back in 2009  when they called themself  "Old School 16-80 AM"   but now todays format is Business News.
Program Dir J.R.Smith  verified my reception

WMEL Cocoa Beach FL -1300

February 6th I caught the rather rare signals of WMEL during selective cx towards central Florida. The usual FL station here is WFFG from the southern Key West but the QRG is well populated  and the dominant triple here in Möklinta  are WOOD-WJMO-KGLO, all three with excellent pattern towards Sweden.
The Owner John Harper wrote:

"Hi Bernt:

What a delight to learn from your report that you were able to receive my radio station in Sala, Sweden.  That is truly exciting news for us here at W M E L  Talk Radio AM 1300 on Cocoa Beach, Florida.

I will share your wonderful news with our staff and especially our Chief Engineer (Johnny O Hara).  I know he will really be thrilled as well.

Please keep in touch. 

John Harper and Your friends @ AM 1300 WMEL Cocoa Beach, Florida"

Cocoa Beach is located just south of  Cape Canaveral

torsdag 12 september 2013

Vahon FM, Haag -1557

The 15th of December last year I heard a strong signal one morning with oriental music on 1557kHz which turned out to be Vahon FM, the local voice for over  50.000 hindus  in and around Hauge in the Nederlands.  QSL-Manager Koos Wijnants  verified my reception , Thanks !

måndag 19 augusti 2013

WHJJ Providence RI -920

In October 2011 I had the luck to receive their signals with a promo for Jim Bohannan Show  followed by "on 9-20 WHJJ". This was the first and only time I´ve heard them, so I decided to send them a f/up earlier this year. Program & News Director Bill George confirmed my reception after he been listening to my recording.

tisdag 6 augusti 2013

WPRV Providence RI -790

The 12th of January this year we had signals coming in early in the evening and quite a few "daytimers"  was logged in Scandinavia. Once again 790kHz surprised me with a TOH ID  at 2200UTC as "Listen to Imus in the Morning - AM7-90 WPRV Providence - A Cumulus Station"   Although not a daytimer  but a nice catch anyway from this, the smallest state in U.S.
Caroline Gallogly, Promotions Mgr verified my reception.

KFGO Fargo - Moorhead ND-790

During good conditions the 10th  of January I noticed that KEYZ  Williston 660 was dominating their QRG. As my collection of North Dakota QSLs are quite small I went to 790 to see if I had some luck. Last year I once  heard them but with a very disturbed and weak signal, but now I could clearly decipher "..on 7-90 KFGO - KFGO.com. News and People you trust. Everyday...Newsroom on the Mighty 7-90 Fargo-Moorhead"  when CFCW was in a deep fade.  I soon received a nice  letter from Brad Wilson :

Fargo-Moorhead are sister cities of the Red River Valley which acts as a natural border between ND and MN. The cities has a population of about 210 000.   Fargo is also the name of Cohen Brothers crime film from 1996 where our swedish actor Peter Stormare had his international breakthrough as an actor

CFCO Chatham-Kent ON -630

Had the luck to find this station the 8th of January with a weak signal below the strong CHED for a few minutes playing C&W music. ID between two songs as "..in the morning Country 92.9 FM 6-30 AM CFCO" .
Located in Chatham-Kent in the southern tip of Ontario and boasting a great daytime signal into most of Michigan, parts of Ohio and Indiana.
 David Palmer confirmed my reception after listening to my recording.

onsdag 5 juni 2013

KUTR Taylorsville UT -820

It was a huge surprise when I heard the station with a faint signal in January 10th this year airing its religious programs and their TOH ID:  "This is Truth AM 8-20 KUTR  Taylorsville-Ogden-Provo-Salt Lake City"
Russ East, Station Manager, confirmed my reception.
Taylorsville is located 10km  south S.L.C.

CHRB High River AB-1140

Usually one of the strongest in the AM band if the signals hangs on towards mid day in the winter. I heard them the 10th of January with " Programming with a western flavour Saturdays on Southern Albertas Community Radiostation AM 11-40"
Jeff Young at Golden West Broadcasting confirmed my reception.
High River is a small town about 30 minutes drive south of Calgary, with a population of approx 13000. The town is known as the official home of the popular TV show "Heartland"

fredag 24 maj 2013

WWPR Brandenton FL -1490

In the morning hours the 6th of February this year I heard some unusual FL stations on the band, such as WMEL Cocoa Beach-1300, WTMN Gainesville-1430 and WPSL Port St Lucie-1590, all of them personal first  for me.  On 1490 I had a talk station  who came out of the noise precisely to the TOH. The Female voice announced "You listen to AM 14-90  WWPR Brandenton-Sarasota-Tampa Bay"  I was excited and sent them a reception report directly.  A few hours later Valerie Silver answered my mail:
"That was us and my voice that you heard on the station identification!  How great that you could pick us up way out in Sweden!  Hope you are doing well!
Valerie Silver
WWPR 1490am"
As I been to that area a few years ago we had some email correspondence and later she told me that they received another reception report from a gentleman in England too.  
Brandenton is a city in Manatee County located on Floridas west coast just south of Tampa Bay. The county is named after the Florida manatee or commonly called the "sea cow". I saw a few of them when visiting Florida and it is a fascinating animal. Sadly many of them gets hurt by speeding motorboats and illegal hunting.

HOL80 Radio Nacional Panamá -840

The morning of 19th October 2010 was exciting with signals from  Panamá such as 1510 and 1560. On 840 I noticed a station playing odd music past the top of the hour. After a few minutes the music was interupted by announcement " Nacional FM - mas de 40 años informado de todo Panamá" . The station wasn´t easy to get in contact with but at last I managed to get confirmation by facebook  their  facebook site, Sertv Radio-Televisión earlier this spring.

Teleradio 13-50 AM Digital, Guayaquil -1350

From time to time this station appears here in the mornings, often accompanied by R Monumental -1510 with their lousy sound and R Zeta-Uno -1400 . The 3rd of October 2009 was such a date when the station dominated the QRG. I tried a few times to get in contact with them with no luck until I found them on Facebook erlier this year. A short but correct confirmation made my day!

WRTO Chicago IL -1200

Been hunting for this station a long time but  CFGO Ottawa and WXKS Newton use to dominate the QRG most of the time. At last I had sucess in the morning of 10th January this year when I found a station playing mexican music and gave a short TOH Id as "WRTO Chicago" . The station is owned by Univision , the largest hispanic radio company in the states  and can be heard airing Chicago Cubs and White Socks games in spanish.
 Chief Engineer Joshua Sigstad confirmed my reception.

WILS Lansing MI -1320

It was the 18th of November 2009  in early evening hours I first heard WILS with a nice announcement as "more compelling talk radio for the capital city - This is 13-20 WILS Lansing"  Tried with a reception report but no luck. Tried again with a f/up and now Scott Loomis  answered:
That's certainly us.  No mistaking it.  At that time we were broadcasting at our nighttime power and broadcast pattern.  Nighttime power is 1,900 watts compared to 25,000 during the day, so I'm impressed that our signal bounced all the way to your corner of the world.  Yours is the typical area where people pick us up though.  Scandanavia seems to get nice reception, although I did get someone from Great Britain emailing me the other day with an audio sample.
Hope all is well in Sweden.  In Michigan we love your country...you provide some of the best hockey players on our beloved Detroit Red Wings!  You wouldn't be able to talk Nicklas Lidstrom into making a comeback would you?  We miss him already!"
 Many thanks Scott for your nice answer!

onsdag 22 maj 2013

WSAU Wausau WI -550

In the morning of 8th January I was delighted to hear the signals of WSAU  a few minutes thru the interference from 549kHz. I catched part of the TOH ID  "..Newstalk 5-50 WSAU Wausau WSAU FM....Stevens Point-Marshfield"   Its a difficult to hear something from the US on this QRG  but WSAU  seems to be one of the most usual ones here according to the statistics. I´ve heard them once before but never good enough for a reception report until now.
Wausau has a population of  39 000 and the city is divided into east and west by the Wisconsin River.

WYOS Binghamton NY -1360

In the last seasons this station has  frequently been received  here in Sweden with ESPN programs and  TOH ID´s as "ESPN Radio 13-60 AM WYOS Binghamton - ESPN Radio Sports Center"
Bob Joseph confirmed my reception and also asked me to try pull in their   news-talk station WNBF-1290, where Bob hosts  "Binghamton Now"  weekday mornings from nine to noon.

WZAN Portland ME -970

One of the lighthouses on the mediumwave band here in Sweden  often heard with ID as "Angus in the morning Andy in the afternoon - This is Maine´s Talk Radio 9-70 WZAN Portland"  . V/s Jeff Wade confirmed my reception, Thanks Jeff!

söndag 21 april 2013

WITY Danville IL -980

During the very good conditions towards north america, 7-13th of January this year, I heard quite a few stations on 980kHz and one of them was "98 WITY" which was a new one for me. The station broadcast farm programs, news and easy-listening music.  Both Bill Collins and Andrew Dudich verified my reception and Andrew wrote among other  :

  Thank you for your e-mail. You indeed were listening to 980AM WITY from Danville, Illinois, U.S.A.  The identification you heard is voiced by Max Armstrong, a farm broadcaster who helps us with special farm promotions and remotes.  It is interesting to let you know that we have had a few other letters recently from other DX-ers in Sweden and Finland. Our Northern directional pattern seems to be shooting over the North Pole often lately.  I just responded to another listener in Täby."

He also tell´s me that the transmitter is located in East Central Illinois at Danville, 4 miles west of the border with the state of Indiana. 

HOZ38 BBN Panamá -1350

A few times over the years I been able to hear this station but never received a response of my letters to them. But recently I got a tip from a dx friend  and soon Hugo Salinas verified my reception with a nice letter:

"Apreciado Bernt- Ivan, gracias por tomar el tiempo para comunicarse desde tan lejano lugar. Escuche la grabacio que envio y le confirmo que esa es la identificacion tipica y regular de nuestra radio BBN 1350 AM en ciudad de Panama - Panama en centro america. 
Seria un gusto conocerlos, deseo que Dios los bendiga y me parece un hobby muy interesante, yo naci en un pueblo pequeño en Bolivia y tenia una radio multibandas, y me dedicaba a captar radios de lugares lejanos. todavía tengo ese interes, pero no tengo una radio buena para hacerlo, pero espero tener pronto. 
BBN es un ministerio de Radio Cristiana, transmitimos en 8 idiomas por internet, y tenemos mas de 80 emisoras en Latino america.  Nuestra pagina web es www.bbnradio.org

Un gran abrazo para usted y su familia. 

Hugo Salinas
BBN Panama"

PJD-2 Voice of Sint Maarten, Philipsburg -1300

Its always nice to catch  caribbean tunes in the headphones and in the morning  of October 12th  last year I stumbled over 1300kHz  where reaggemusic was flowing. Soon after TOH I heard the announcement "This is the Voice of Sint Maarten PJD-2 1300 AM...Philipsburg" . After some months Steven Cyrillien verified my reception :
I can confirm to you that it was our radio station, PJD 2 1300 am (Voice of St. Maarten). you heard. We became a commercial radio station some 40 years ago on the 1st of January 1973. This year, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary and as a result, we have planed a list of several events to be had in observation. 
Best regards"

On October 10th 2010 Sint Maarten became a constituent country within the Kingdom of the Nederlands.
It encompasses the southern half of the caribbean island of Saint Martin, while the northern part of the island constitutes the french  overseas collectivity of  Saint-Martin.