måndag 19 augusti 2013

WHJJ Providence RI -920

In October 2011 I had the luck to receive their signals with a promo for Jim Bohannan Show  followed by "on 9-20 WHJJ". This was the first and only time I´ve heard them, so I decided to send them a f/up earlier this year. Program & News Director Bill George confirmed my reception after he been listening to my recording.

tisdag 6 augusti 2013

WPRV Providence RI -790

The 12th of January this year we had signals coming in early in the evening and quite a few "daytimers"  was logged in Scandinavia. Once again 790kHz surprised me with a TOH ID  at 2200UTC as "Listen to Imus in the Morning - AM7-90 WPRV Providence - A Cumulus Station"   Although not a daytimer  but a nice catch anyway from this, the smallest state in U.S.
Caroline Gallogly, Promotions Mgr verified my reception.

KFGO Fargo - Moorhead ND-790

During good conditions the 10th  of January I noticed that KEYZ  Williston 660 was dominating their QRG. As my collection of North Dakota QSLs are quite small I went to 790 to see if I had some luck. Last year I once  heard them but with a very disturbed and weak signal, but now I could clearly decipher "..on 7-90 KFGO - KFGO.com. News and People you trust. Everyday...Newsroom on the Mighty 7-90 Fargo-Moorhead"  when CFCW was in a deep fade.  I soon received a nice  letter from Brad Wilson :

Fargo-Moorhead are sister cities of the Red River Valley which acts as a natural border between ND and MN. The cities has a population of about 210 000.   Fargo is also the name of Cohen Brothers crime film from 1996 where our swedish actor Peter Stormare had his international breakthrough as an actor

CFCO Chatham-Kent ON -630

Had the luck to find this station the 8th of January with a weak signal below the strong CHED for a few minutes playing C&W music. ID between two songs as "..in the morning Country 92.9 FM 6-30 AM CFCO" .
Located in Chatham-Kent in the southern tip of Ontario and boasting a great daytime signal into most of Michigan, parts of Ohio and Indiana.
 David Palmer confirmed my reception after listening to my recording.