onsdag 27 april 2011

OCU2X Radio Turbo Mix , Cajamarca -1540

The dominant peruvian  station on the frequency easy to recognize with its sharp audio . I heard them with strong signals at sunrise the 26 March.
Cajamarca is a town and province with the same name located in the northwestern part of Peru. Here was the last Ruler of the Inca Empire, Athahualpa,  captured by the Spainards . A randsom (a room filled with gold) was paid by the Incas but he was killed anyway....
 Deisy verified my reception report  swiftly by mail

OA** Radio Pachatusán, Sicuani -1240kHz

A few weeks ago I was informed that there was a new Peruvian on air  on 1240kHz with a exotic name. Fredrik Dourén and Torolf Johnsson was the first to hear them and a few days later I also catched them with ID just before c/d at 0303UTC.
Pachatusán is with its height of 4900 meters one of five mountains surrounding the city of Cusco and got its name from the Quechua word translated into spanish means "He who holds the world".
V/s was José Luis Quintasi Valer, Jefe de deportes

torsdag 14 april 2011

WHLI Hempstead NY -1100

verified my reception report today with a nice email from Dave Widmer, President. The station came thru 20 min before closedown the 12th of December 2010 with its NOS music

KKBJ Bemidji MN -1360

Brian Schultz verified with a brief email today. The station was heard on the morning of October 15th, 2009 

fredag 8 april 2011

OAX4N Radio Bacán Sat, Lince -1129,93

The station was one of the strongest during the morning peak 26th of March  2011 and went steady for about 15min. Due to the offset  it was easy to find.Transmitting with 2.6 kW from Lince  which is a suburb of Lima, about 5km southwest of the same.Maribel Gonzales responded by email and a enclosed QSL letter

OAU2M Radio Layzon, Cajamarca -1170

At saturday morning,  26th March 2011,  I had a strong sunrise peak  towards the Cajamarca region of Peru. Strong signals at many frequencies. With the Perseus I captured a number of interesting signals  and the  most unexpected was Radio Layzon, Cajamarca, which went through the Europeans with a relatively sharp sound and the typical Andean music. Several Cajamarca mentions  in the talk and later an echoing announcement as "Layzon-Layzon-Layzon" fixed the identity. Fredrik Dourén - FD,Borlänge  also caught them the same time.
 Grimaneza Ortiz, Gerente de la Radio verified my reception report and asked me why not also  listening to their FM transmitter 90.5.....? :-)

OAX4U Radio Cielo, Lima -1010

The station appeared at the morning peak of 18th of March 2011 when a small rush towards Peru with  the most common 5-6 stations. The station gave several IDs which  I had at first a bit difficult to decipher, but with the help of my friend  Torolf-TJ  it was fixed .
Raúl Adolfo Arias Ramos confirmed quickly my reception report  via email. The station broadcasts with 10kW from Lima, but is not very common most time of the year, best chances we have in April and May.

tisdag 5 april 2011

WZYX Cowan TN -1440

In late October 2010 I started to watch the silent hour of Luxembourg -1440 on the night to see if anything interesting would pop up. Just a few nights later there was a big surprise when some gospel music  showed up  on the frequency  followed by the announcement "... more news with Wayne Thomas heard 25 past each hour on WZYX"Probably a day/night switch power failure which resulted in the fun log.
Cowan is a small town in southern Tennessee  with only about 1800 residents in FranklinCountyAnthony Ramirez  replied  after a f/up

WAQI Miami FL "Radio Mambi" -710

October 1st 2010 it was again interesting cx with south Florida stations on several frequencies.
At 670kHz a weak "La Poderosa" was heard (WWFE) under the strong Cuban.
When I went up to 710kHz  the Cuban was significantly  QRMed by another SS talker which turned ouot to be Radio Mambi with this TOH ID: 
  "Radio Mambi-WAQI Miami Ft Lauderdale - Radio Mambi 
Broadcasting. Radio Mambi La Grande 710 onda media. La emisora ​​más Potente del sur de Florida. Transmitiendo con ... noche el sur de Florida,Cuba y el Caribe ... was heard as a combined EE / SS identification.

Loretta Anaya at the station verified my report after using the address from Tua, Thanks!

WBEC Pittsfield MA -1420

Was listening to 1420kHz at the top of the hour the 5th of October 2010 and was suprised when the usual troika (WOC-KTOE-CKDY) didn´t occupy the frequency. Instead the announcement "...AM that really talks  AM 14-20 WBEC Pittsfield " was heard.
The city is located in the western Massachusetts near the border of N.Y. The city with its 46000 inhabitants hold three AM stations and WBEC -Berkshire Eagle Radio is the most common here in Sweden.
Veriesigner Victoria Spencer, Local Sales Manager at the station.

"Ondas Cañaris" Radio Universitaria Católica, Azogues -1530

The morning of October 3rd, 2009 goes down in history as a fantastic morning towards Ecuador. The whole mediumwave band was bubbling of signals from the country for about an hour around my local  sunrise.At  1530 kHz  I had a weak signal  that caught my attention at the top of the hour,  A swich sound effect followed by "Ondas Cañaris" call made ​my day !
Dr. José Antonio Ocampo Robles, Locutor-Periodista verified  my report and says that he works Monday-Saturday 18-24 with the program Sinfonía, where he plays romantic music from 60´s , 70´s and 80´s.

WMIA Radio Arecibo PR -1070

A station that has received many reports over the years from me without the slightest hint of an answer , but today  Mr. Nestor Gonzalez on WMIA Arecibo radio suprised me with nice QSL. Nestor is a technician and also a radio amateur with the call WP4NTO. He also reveals that he practices good old DX with his father now and then!
The city of Arecibo is located on the north coast of Puerto Rico and it takes its name from the Indian chief Jamaica Aracibo
Probably most  known for the Radio Observatory with its 305feet in diameter large satellite dish.