torsdag 13 mars 2014

OCX6N R La Luz, Arequipa -1560

The 10th of  May last year,the morning after I heard R Urkupiña on this QRG ,another signal a little bit lower (1560,03) was heard with religious programmes. It revealed itself  after a few minutes as "Radio La Luz - La señal Que Te Bendice. Muy Buenas Noches" when they probably closed the days transmission.
Juan Cesar Salgado Caldas  confirmed my reception via Facebook.

onsdag 11 december 2013

WXTG Hampton VA -1490

In late evening Dec 25th 2011 I heard a sports station which referenced a fotball game. A few promos for Compass Media network was heard together with the slogan "American new home for AFL Fotball, this is the Game"  After 30 minutes I finally heard the ID as  "WXTG Fox Sports Radio - The Game is WXTG FM, WXTG AM Red Zebra Broadcasting".  It was difficult to find a working email  but finally I came in contact with BT Briggs, Op. Prod. and Traffic/PSA Director  who confirmed my reception.

CMGL R Sancti Spíritus,Yaguajay -1200

The 17th of January 2012 I had a nice opening towards Cuba  and for the first time I heard R Sancti Spíritus from the northern city of Yaguajay. The station also has transmitters in Trinidad (1190) and in Sancti Spírtitus (1210) which is the strongest with a power of 10kW.
Webmaster  Wilber Zada Rosendi verified my reception  and wrote that I had heard a part of the programme Seleciones Musicales.

söndag 8 december 2013

OAU6A Radio Milenio Universal, Arequipa -1540

In April 2011 I had  a few mornings with many signals from Peru.On 1540 I had signals from R Corporacion and Turbo Mix the 19th and the next morning conditions favoured  more southern parts of the country and I was lucky to hear Radio Milenio Universal from Arequipa on the same QRG.  Had  problems finding a contact address until I found them on Facebook. Manuel Alfredo Montes Urday verified my recording and that it also was his own voice I had heard announce "Radio Milenio Universal 1540kHz Amplitud Modulada" .
 La Plaza de Armas de ciudad de Arequipa

OBX4W Callao Super Radio , Lima -1400

This one use to be heard with huge signals in late spring at sunrise if the conditions favour Peru.  Got a nice Facebook message from Hernán Espinoza Neyra verifying my reception and also mentioned that it was his voice I heard reading the comercials.

torsdag 28 november 2013

R Urkupiña, Quillacollo Cochabamba -1560

My best ever conditions towards Bolivia on MW were at May 8 this year when signals from  the country was heard on several QRGs.  On 1560,142 kHz I heard a fotball commentary from a game between Aurora and Nacional Potosí and that the game was played on Estado Felix Capriles in Cochabamba. I sent a letter to the station (it didn´t exist at all on the internet) and a few weeks later a email from Patricia Salazar verified my reception. I also contacted Henrik Klemetz at the same time about my findings and with his contacts in the city he also  arranged  so I got this beautiful QSLcard from the station. Many Thanks Henrik!
The same night I also heard  two tentative  Bolivian "Community" stations on 1080 and 1570,71 but couldn´t get a positive ID from neither of them. Exciting anyway !

söndag 13 oktober 2013

OBX4N R Corporacion, Cerro de Pasco -1540

Back in may 2010 I heard the station  a few times with beautiful andean music. The QRG is often occupied by TurboMix but I also heard R Milenio Universal from Arequipa last year.
Cerro de Pasco is a city of  70 000 inhabitants and an important mining center located at the top of the andean mountains. At a elevation of   4330 meters it is one of the highest cities in the world
The shortwave QRG in the header is inactive since many years.
P.C. Tito Vera Romero , Gerente General  verified my reception