lördag 17 november 2012

WPYR Baton Rouge LA -1380

In the end of October I heard religious program on 1380 kHz that turned out to be the unusual guest WPYR, the Catholic Comunity Radio of Baton Rouge LA.   They probably missed the switch to nightpower  and aired 5kW this night.  A swift answer was received a few days ago from David Dawson, Stn Mgr.
Baton Rouge is the Capital of Louisiana  and the second-largest city in the state behind New Orleans.  Located upstreams Mississippi  with a population of approx. 230.000. They have a humid subtropical climate and the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico means that the city is exposed to hurricanes and storms all year around
Looks like David Dawson  also use our in DX circles so popular software,  CoolEdit/Adobe Audition

torsdag 15 november 2012

WBTX Broadway -Timberville VA -1470

A late christmas gift last year was the signals of the daytimer WBTX that surfed above the noise threshold  26th of December with Southern Gospel music followed by winter  weather cancellations. The TOH ID was "This is 14-70 WBTX Broadway-Timberville-Harrisonburg"  The station is located in the  beautiful Shenandoah Valley .
Received a nice letter today and a request  to record a "listener liner" for their program.

onsdag 7 november 2012

WJCV Jacksonville NC -1290

This is one of my favourite frequencies where I have heard a lot US stations over the years.  The 14th of December last year I heard some Gospel music followed by  "WJCV, we´re Jacksonville´s Christian Voice - WJCV Jacksonville..." followed by IRN News in a jumble of other stations. I also heard them again a few nights later. Received a nice Facebook message a few weeks ago confirming my reception.
Jacksonville is a small city in Onslow county in the southeastern part of North Carolina.  It is the youngest city in the United states with an average age of 22.8 years old, which can be attributed to the large military presence. Both Marine Corps base camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air station  New River are located here.


tisdag 6 november 2012

KMIK Tempe AZ -1580

Arizona stations has always been very difficult to catch below the Polar circle, so when I got the exciting news that KMIK R Disney been heard with strong signals by OJS in Kongsfjord I decided to monitor the QRG. After a few mornings I heard Radio Disney programs on the frequency and the 22nd of October I catched their local ID a few minutes before the TOH as "This is KMIK KMIK HD ..Phoenix....Radio Disney" 
Station Mgr Steve Earnheart  confirmed my reception after a few hours:

Arizona became my 48th verified  state,three left...

PJZ-86 Radio Curom, Willemstad -860

The morning  26th of January 2012 I had huge signals from a lot of Venezuelans all over the band and suddenly I stopped on 860 where a strange jingle was heard between two songs. After playing the jingle a few times I heard  what was sunged, "Z ochenta seis emisora"   As the quality of the reception was quite good I sent the station a recording of the jingle but got no reaction from them. Not until I came in contact with Jason Jordan Thode who works as a DJ and producer at all three Curom Broadcasting stations, Z86 -860, 88Rockorsou -88.3  and  MI-95 -95,7. He verified my reception swiftly and welcomed me to visit their beautiful Island Curacao!
Curacao, the "C" lettter of the ABC Islands (Aruba,Bonaire and Curacao) is  located in the southern Caribbean Sea  just north of the Venezuelan coast. Erlier Curacao was a part of   The Nederland Antilles but the 10th of October 2010 it became new constituent country  .
Pastel coloured shophouses at Handelskade in Willemstad