fredag 16 december 2011

R Angulo, Holguín -740

Alone quite strong on the QRG in the morning of 21st November with a announcement of their website .
 Situated in the southeastern part of Cuba and named after the founder Garcia Holguín, an Spanish military officer back in 1545. From the hill Loma de la Cruz, where a large crucifix is installed, which can be ascended by its 450 stairs, one can see the whole city.
My veriesigner Eddy García de la Rosa was excited of my interesting hobby!

R Ciudad de la Habana -820/980

After ignoring Cuban stations for more than 25 years I tried  to get a few verified last month,  I reported  Radio
Ciudad de la Habana -820/980  and Periodista  Arienna Rodriguez swiftly replied and verified my reception report. She was surprised of the strong signals towards Sweden as she had received other  reports last week. The transmitter on 980kHz is probably R COCO with night relay of Ciudad.

KKXA Snohomish WA -1520

The station came thru when the cx turned to the west on the morning  30th of October. With C&W music its easy to recognize.
The name originates from Snohomish tribe and means wet snow according to the last chief of the tribe. Located on Pudget Sound between Skagit County to the north and Kings County (Seattle) to the South. On the east it is bordered by the crestline of the North Cascades, a beautiful mountain range.
Verified by a nice QSL Card!

torsdag 1 december 2011

WAMT Pine Castle FL -1190

The station was surprisingly heard in mid October together with the powerhouse WLIB on the freqcuency. ESPN Deportes but with spanish call-ID "WAMT Once noventa" on top of the hour.  The station is located in the outskirts of Orlando in Orange County, and as my veriesigner Jerry Smith writes, the two tower array located in a very very wet swampy area south of Orlando. The station has only 230W at nights but as Jerry told me they were at full daytime power of 4,7kW non-directional due to a remote control failure at the transmitter site.