onsdag 29 februari 2012

Hosanna Manantial, La Chorrera -1580

During this season and last season I have been watching this frequency carefully when other Panama stations been heard. A few times I have had a trace of an unidentified religious station at the same time but never been able to get any identifiable info from the programs. But, the morning of 23rd December last year during good Panaman conditions I found a very offset signal on the frequency, 1579,894. The signal was quite strong with non-stop music. After a few songs the announcement " Feliz navidad te desea Hosanna Manantial 15-80 AM" came out of the speaker. Had to contact Henrik Klemetz to have him confirm that I heard what I heard, thanks HK!  Today I received a nice letter from Fundacion CFC Manantial de Vida :


es una alegria saber que la 1580 AM logro alcanzarle, hemos escuchado la grabacion y si bien es cierto es la estacion de nuestro centro de intgracion familiar Manantial de vida....nos camplace confirmar su recepcion...!! y si tiene toda la razon, estamos contando con un excelente equipo de transmicion !! a Dios sea la gloria por esto !!
Saludos a su familia,
P.D. increible como usted habla el español !!!  

The station started its transmissions  in 2002 when the church complex was built  in La Chorrera,  a city about 50km southwest of the capital of Panamá.
To my knowledge the station haven´t been heard here in Sweden (or scandinavia) before but maybe some adjustments been done as I´ve heard them again the 30th of January this year.

torsdag 23 februari 2012

WAOS Austell GA -1600

A few times this season I have seen information about WAOS being on daytime power thru the night. The 15th and 16th of January must have been such nights as I catched them thru the powerhouse WUNR on 1600kHz. Many "La Mejor" between the mexican songs and a TOH ID was heard as "WAOS Austell Atlanta - WXEM Buford - WLBA Gainesville , La Mejor .....Radio Network".  When looking for them ,  be aware that also WUNR have mexican programs where they announces as "Radio Mexico".
WAOS is serving the latino comunity of Atlanta since 22 years. The city is known for brands as The Coca Cola Company and Ted Turners CNN. The city of licence, Austell, with about 5000 citizens  lies 10 miles west of Atlanta near the huge theme park Six flags over Georgia.
My v/s was this beutiful girl, Karina "La prima" Godinez

I also found this presentation of the station:

onsdag 22 februari 2012

Radio Agricultura del Peru "La Peruanísima",Lima -1590

At the midnight peak ,January7th, it suddenly were Peruvians with good strengths at the top of the band here in Möklinta. Due to the closure of the german DRM transmitter on 1593,  could the signals of "La Peruanísima" be received with its sharp audio. Have heard them long time ago, think it was in the late 90´s, but never received an QSL then.  But today I was lucky to receive a letter from Franklin Gambini, Jefe de Operaciones, confirming my reception.
Lima and the urban areas covers about 800sq.km with a population of over 7,6 million people, is located at the pacific coast up thru the river valleys of Chillón,Rímac and Lurín.

HJFB Amor Estéreo,SF de Bogotá -1340

In the morning  7th of January I had a very strong peak towards Bogotá and 1340kHz which is usally very splattered by europeans, Amor Estéreo could be heard with nice signals. 
V/s Juan Carlos Marroquín confirmed my receptionreport today  with  short email

WOR New York NY -710

A quite regular guest on the frequency with mostly conservative talk hosts and news. The station began broadcasting 1922, at that time licensed to Newark NJ but later changed to New York City in the 40´s.
Celibrates its 90th birthday this month!
Received a good old QSL Card in the mail last week.

fredag 10 februari 2012

WMSA Massena NY -1340

The 16th of January I had some exceptional conditions towards the northern part of the state of New York. First I heard WSLB on 1400kHz in the neighboring town Ogdensburg with good strengh. After searching the band I found a very weak but clear signal on 1340kHz. The TOH ID was  barely  audible, but luckily it contained both the location and slogan as " 13-40 WMSA Massena´s News and Information station"
The station transmits  with only 910Watts day and night  making them a small station with local flavour of the programs.
V/s Chuck Poirier, PD.
Massena is situated along the St Lawrence River and the border US and Canada, called "The gateway to America´s Fourth Coast" because the connection thru locks to the five Great Lakes.

WFLR Dundee NY -1570

The station was heard a few days in late September -11  with announcements like "Finger Lakes Radio" and "Finger Lakes Country - WFLR" . The station has only 442W  at nights  but can still be heard from time to time. The big  challange is to overcome the signals from CJLV on the same QRG.
V/s Alan Bishop, GM
Dundee is located  between  Keuka and Seneca Lakes, two out of ten finger shaped lakes in the region below Lake Ontario. With a population of aprox. 1800 the countryside is reminiscent of the Scottish highlands.

onsdag 8 februari 2012

WROD Daytona Beach FL -1340

During the season, I have several times heard a weak station here with NOS format  who do not have TOH  ID´s or news in the morning hours. But the 31st of December I finally catched an ID as " 13-40 WROD Daytona Beach" after Roy Orbisons Pretty Woman.
Kevin Geddings, GM and morning host  confirmed my reception today with a short email. This became my  MW QSL # 18 from  Florida!

Daytona Beach  dubbed as "Worlds most famous beach"  is historically known for their hard packed sandbeaches that allowed motorsport races for over 50 years. In the end of the 50´s the beach course was replaced by the Daytona International Speedway , famous for  "Daytona 500" and Bikeweek  that attract hundreds of thousands visitors each year.

tisdag 7 februari 2012

WOFX Troy NY -980

This station is a very rare guest on the frequency, you have to get past the 5-6 of the most common first to hear them.
The 24th of October -11 was probably one of the best mornings for the season with many unusual signals popping up in the band from the east coast US. At 7 o´clock they was on top with"The Capital Region´s sport station WOFX Troy, WGY HD2 Albany - Fox Sports 9-80, an Iheart radio station"
Paul Ihandler, Program Dir.  confirmed my reception today and writes : "We get a number of reports from your part of the world - and I can say yours is certainly one of the most distant DXs in quite a while!"
Troy is known as the Collar City due to its history of shirt,collar and other textile production. Located upstate N.Y. just north of Albany, on the eastern bank of Hudson River.The town was actually named after a vote of the people back in 1791.
It is also a well known fact that the "Uncle Sam"  name came right from here. It goes  all the way back  to the war of 1812 when troops were receiving barrels of meat with a big US stamp on them. Those barrels were coming from Troy meat packer Sam Wilson.
The troops quickly began using the nickname "Uncle Sam" when they talked about who they were getting the food from, because of the stamp.