onsdag 25 april 2012

WJMC Rice Lake WI -1240

The 7th of November 2010 I had a pile up of Wisconsin stations at sunrise such as WOTE-1380 and WISN-1130.  On 1240 I was surprised by the announcement   "You listen to CNN news every hour and local news updates weekday afternoons with Ken Denucci - Good friends and Great information AM 12-40 WJMC". Today after a followup I received a nice email from Program Manager Arnie Wheeler confirming my reception.
Rice Lake is a small city with a population of 8000  located in the beutiful Red Cedar River Valley in the northwestern part of the State. The name came primarily from the rich and abundant rice beds that once filled the waterly lowlands near the city.

CFMB Montréal QC -1280

Although that this multilingual  station has a power of 50kW  is quite difficult to catch, but if it is open towards NA early in the evening then you have the chance. Their daytime antenna pattern is wide towards the north but the nighttime pattern is slim to the northwest. One night with early signals was New Years Eve  when quite a few daytime signals was present. On 1280 I noticed  Haitian calypso music dominating the QRG for a while and was lucky to catch an ID.  Stn Manager Luigi Valente verified my reception today and  writes that they use six  antenna towers  to get the antenna pattern.
Montréal is the second largest city in Canada with a metropolitan population of 3,8 million.  French is the official language spoken by 70% of the people, english by 18% . The city is named after the most prominent geographical feature on the island of Montreal, a three-head hill called Mount Royal, topped at 232 meters above sea level.

måndag 23 april 2012

WXBR Brockton MA -1460

The QRG is often occupied by the NY stations WDDY R Disney and WHIC  Station of the Cross, but the 21st of January both of them were weak and let another thru with a announcements as "Southern New Englands Best, this is 14-60 WXBR Brockton"  Richard Muserlian  verified my reception today.
Brockton, sometimes referred to as the "City of Champions", mainly due to the success of native boxers Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler. With a population of about 90 000 it is the seventh largest city in Massachusetts.

Radio Fly, Tabubil Papua New Guinea -3915

A few months ago the 75 mb transmitter returned to the airwaves again and the signal is quite strong some evenings. I heard them the 23rd of March with a lot of  popmusic  such  as Tears for Fears, Enrique Iglesias and others. 
The Community Radiostation is located in the Western Province  in the jungle city of Tabuil, about 25km east of the border to  Indonesia. Funded and operated by Ok Tedi Mining  in the North Fly Region (parts of West Sepik and Western Province), a Gold and Copper mine. 
Received a nice letter today from Francis Tekei, Public Relations Officer.

onsdag 11 april 2012

WNBP Newburyport MA -1450

The 31st of December 2011 offered quite good conditions  and one unexpected guest was "Legendary songs and legendary singers, Oldies on the menue -1450 WNBP" that came thru quite strong. Thought that it was Bermuda playing the music so I was quite surprised  when the ID came.
The studios are located in downtown Newburyport but the transmitter site and tower at the banks of Merrimac River one mile from the Atlantic Ocean..
Owner/Op Mgr Peter Falconi  thought it was exciting to hear the recording  of the signal from across the atlantic

tisdag 10 april 2012

HJOP Oxígeno Barranquilla -1010

In the early morning of 22nd February I was surprised to find the station dominating the QRG. Had never heard them before so a recording was sent to Daiber Coronado at the station. He swiftly answered and verifying that I had heard their official voiceover ID by Javier Beltran Jr. . The station is part of the Oxígeno network with both FM and AM stations belonging to Caracol Radio and owned  by the multinational media company Prisa Radio in Madrid.
Barranquilla is an industrial port city located  next to the river delta of the Magdalena River, 8km upstreams  from the Caribbean Sea.
Thanks Gert Nilsson for v/s info and address.

HJKU 1430 AM Radio, S.F. de Bogotá -1430

Quite a regular guest here and was very strong the 7th of January. Formerly known as Emisora Kennedy. Been on air 61 years now,despite the aged letterhead says 55 años. Carlos Molano Gómez, Gerente, confirmed my reception a few days ago with a nice email.

ZYJ687 Rádio Planalto, Ji-Paraná RO -1390

About a year ago, in April 2011, I found the signals of Rádio Planalto one morning on the offset frequency of 1390,217kHz. Sent them a report that got unanswered, but a followup some days ago resulted in a nice letter and some photos from Laércio Nogueira.  Pretty amazing station entrance..!

Ji-Paraná is the second most populous city in the Brazilian state of Rondônia with about 117.000, located in the  southwestern part of Brazil.  Sadly the city is known for extreme deforestation  of the Amazon rainforest. Between 2000 and 2006 Brazil lost nearly 150.000 square kilometers of rain forest, an area larger than that of Grecce!!

WURA Quantico VA -920

The station been on my "wishing list" for some time  but I never caught its signals until the 27th of December when they came in with great strengh the last minutes of the daytime power and antenna pattern.
The station is easy to recognize with its Tejano music and ID´s as "Radio Unida 9-20AM". Licensed and located in Quantico,VA, on the bank of Pontomac river but the station serves the metropolitan area of Washington.
V/s Al Hammond  welcomed me to the exclusive club of distance listeners among Norweigans, Finnish and Artic Circle visitors..!
Quantico has a population of only 600, but is the site of one of the largest U.S. Marine Corps bases in the world. You also find the Drug Enforcement Admin. training academy, the FBI Academy, FBI Laboratory and the Naval criminal Investigative Service on the base. The famous  Marinecorps Memorial monument can be found at the entrance of the base.

HJNT Radio Huellas, Cali -1470

The fantastic morning of 7th of January I had several stations on 1470 with strong signals. One that excelled with its offset of 1470,068kHz and religious program was "somos Radio Huellas Internacional  HJNT 14-70AM" .
A few days ago I received a beutiful letter from Constanza Coy Sierra  verifying my reception.
Radio Huellas company  also runs a station on 1550 as "Emisora Revivir en Cristo"

söndag 8 april 2012

KOAN Eagle River AK -1020

The recent years of low solar activity has allowed us here in Southern Scandinavia to  receive some Alaskan MW stations. One day with good conditions was the 5th of January 2011 when the signals from quite a few AK´s and HI´s stations were  received here in Möklinta.
At noon the signals suddenly  breaked thru the noisefloor  and on 1020kHz  a nice  "..on Fox News Talk 10-20 KOAN Eagle River-Anchorage" was heard. No other signals from US was heard at the same time.
I received a confirmation today after a followup. V/s  Tom Lambert, Engineer, who also told me that they have trouble at the moment with their main 10kW transmitter so they use the backup tx 1kW now.
Eagle River is a community within the municipality of Anchorage with a population of 35 000.

HJCV Radio Cordillera, S.F. de Bogotá -1190

I heard them the 7th of January  with a strong and clear signal. Asistente Administrativa Yaned Caro C. verified  my reception today. It is one of four Todelar stations in Bogota.

lördag 7 april 2012

WNDE Indianapolis IN -1260

The days between Christmas and New years eve was some very good days for NA-DXing.In the morning of 27th December a Fox sports station caught my interest on 1260 as the ordinary ones here use to be CKHJ or WMKI in my listening cottage. At 7 o´clock came the revealing ID as    "Sportsradio 12-60 WNDE AM  -WFBQ HD2 in Indianapolis" . The station use to be heard a few times each year, mostly in the expeditions cites up north. V/s Tom Doran, Dir. of Sales confirmed my reception today.
The city is  sometimes  referred to as "The Circle City"  due to the original design of the City. In the centre of  
the Monuments Circle  you find The Soldiers and Sailors Monument  commemorates Indiana´s war heroes who died serving in wars before World War I .

Indianapolis is also the home of  "The greatest spectacle in racing " Indy 500  at Indianapolis Motor speedway. A huge racing oval that covers 253 acres, big enough to fit Churchill Downs,Yankee Stadium,The Rose Bowl,The Roman Colosseum and Vatican City inside the IndianaMotorSpeedway oval!

måndag 2 april 2012

HJGH Oxígeno Bucaramanga -1120

The 7th of January 2012 presented the seasons best signals from Colombia at sunrise. The whole band was covered with strong signals during approximately 15 minutes. On 1120kHz I catched a ID as "escuhando Oxígeno Bucaramanga 11-20 AM" . The Qxígeno Network often use local identifications at nights which is a nice habit!
I received today a email from the Director Jahuer Leon confirming my reception.
Bucaramanga with a population of approx. 1,2 million is known as the "Ciudad  de los Parques"  due to the many parks scattered throughout the city and also as "La Ciudad Bonita de Colombia". Located on a plateau in the Cordillera Oriental  of the Colombian Andes.