torsdag 26 januari 2012

WHSR Pompano Beach FL -980

This station is very difficult to hear and even more difficult to get an ID from. Heard french or is it haitian(?) a few times in September and October 2011, but the 24th October I finally nailed them with a  call ID and "Radio Haiti Amerique International". Several other unusual Florida stations came thru this morning as WAOC-1420, WAMT-1190 and WMYR -1410.
They Serves the Haitian and Pakistan/Indian/Bangladesh commuinties in the neighborhood but also have some Italian programs.
v/s Karen Ruggiere, Buisness Mgr, confirmed  that it was their station I had heard , but also recommend me to try the "listen live" button on their website...

XECTL Radio Chetumal -860

After trying many times I succeeded at last to hear this station the 24th of October 2011. The station was suddenly  loud and clear  with " escuche te XECTL Radio Chetumal con 10 000 watts de potencia efectiva transmitiendo de la capital del estado del frontera caribe de..." a few minutes and then suddenly faded away.
I´ve only heard them once more a few weeks later so its a exotic catch  for me.
The station is situated just north of the Belize border, in the the Mexican Quintana Roo  state. It was founded in 1985 and serving regions in both countries
v/s José Leonardo Cámara Ramírez kindly confirmed my reception a few days ago.

Radio Fórmula Mexico -970, -1470, -1500

The 13th of November 2010 I had some fantastic signals from a few mexicans and one of them that I heard for the first time this morning was XERFR Radio Fórmula -970 with its TOH ID as "escuche Radio Fórmula, Groupo fórmula presente..." . This is their Primera Cadena of three channels. A few days later, 17th of Nov. I also got nice call ID of XEAI R Fórmula Tercera Cadena -1470 and XEDF R Fórmula Segunda Cadena -1500. These station are the core of a big network of stations in Mexico. A fourth "cadena" is also established by stations in US.
I got a mail today from José Pablo Cabello, VP Fórmula Digital y Comercial verifying all three stations.

onsdag 18 januari 2012

HOLY Radio Hogar, Penonomé -1250

The station was heard in the morning 23rd of December -11 a few minutes around 7 o´clock UTC. Catched their slogan "La Presencia viva del Señor" at top of the hour.
The station replied with a nice QSL letter today.

WGHB Farmville NC -1250

Have heard them a few times this season but  the 12th of January the signal was good enough for a reception report.  "This is Pirate Radio Farmville WGHB 12-50 , Pirate Radio 9-3 WDLX Washington-Grenville-Bern(?)"was the ID I heard .  Troy Dreyfus, Owner writes:  "
Hello form the USA!
Wow... you have a great ear.  I can confirm what you heard was correct, and originated from our stations here in Greenville, North Carolina, USA.
I have owned and operated the stations for about 9 years, and it is amazing to me how many times we get "picked up" in Europe.
Thank you for letting me know, and congratulations on such an awesome find!
All the best!
Troy Dreyfus
Owner- WGHB/WDLX (Pirate Radio 1250 & 930)"

There is also in Grenville that Voice of America once had three awesome transmitter sites, now only "Site B" is active. Check it out in Google Earth.
Farmville is 20km west of Grenville with a population of about 4500. The station is named after  ECU-East Carolina University´s team "Pirates"

WARR Warrenton NC -1520

In december 2010 I experienced several nights when daytimer stations were heard just before closing time. WARR was one of those that I caught with closing procedure  in the evening 9th of Dec. With address, ph nr and nice ID´s  I tried several times to get them verified with no luck. A few days ago I discovered that they had a new website and contact address. Tried again and Dr. Lilipiana D. Darensburg , Pres. swiftly replied with a nice verie letter .They have 5kW daytime non-directional signal.
Warrenton is a small town with a population of nearly 1000 situated along the major routes of Interstate 85 and the historic U.S. Highway 1.

CKNB Campbellton NB -950

The station often produce strong signals towards Scandinavia . I heard them one evening with enjoyable  music in the beginning of January and decide to write them a letter, not the first time I must admit...Surprised to receive a short QSL letter from G.M. David Montgomery the same night.
Campbellton is situated on the bank of Restigouche river opposite of Point-á-la-Croix , Quebec with a population of 7400. Forestry and tourism  are the major industries here.

WCCW Traverse City MI -1310

I have searched for the station many times but the powerhouses CIWW and WLOB effectively blocks the frequency. After erecting a new beverageantenna in a slightly westerly path I suceeded catching the signals  the 12th of january with a "13-10 ESPN Radio WCCW Traverse City" ID. My v/s Brian R. Dale, Op Mgr tells me it was easy to confirm my report as it was his voice I´ve had  recorded! He´s a big Detroit Red Wings fan and appreciate the influx of Swedish players in the team.
Located at the shore of Lake Michigan with a population of 15 000, but the surrounding micropolitan area has about 150 000 in total. The City and Bay is named after 18th century French voyager who made la grande traverse or "the long crossing" across the mouth of the Grand Traverse Bay. The area is also  the largest producer of tart sherries in US and the home of National Cherry Festival attracting 500 000 visitors annually!

tisdag 17 januari 2012

WEAV Plattsburgh NY -960

One of the regular visitors with talk on 960kHz. Often with ID as "News and Opinions for the Champlain Valley This is Today´s Talk WEAV Plattsburgh - Burlington  The Zone 9-60 AM". A Fox News station. Sent them a reception report a few weeks ago and got a short verie-letter from Jamie W Dennis, Program Director.
The town is located on the western shore of Lake Champlain near the Adriondack Mountains, home to approx. 19 000 people. Just a ferry ride to Vermont or about 45 min to Montreal,Canada.
In Adriondack Mountains you can also find Lake Placid, the site of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics.

söndag 8 januari 2012

WPKZ Fitchburg MA -1280

I first heard this station the morning of 19th of Dec -11 with  Fox sports Radio announcements and a weak "12-80 WPKZ Fitchburg...Pulse 105.3FM". Later, the 29th of December, they came thru again and now with a stronger and clearer ID. I sent a report which was replied this weekend from the G.M. Bill Macek who verified that the audio clip I enclosed was WPKZ.

HIFS R Montecristi, Monte Cristi -580

Have searched for this station many mornings without luck, but in the morning  22nd of October -11 the conditions favored  the Dominican Republic for a few minutes and I caught a nice top of the hour ID.
A reception report was sent away but no luck with QSL´ing. After a contact with my friend Gert Nilsson he helped me with a valid address. Only minutes later I had a nice verie letter from  Ana Maria Fernández in my inbox. Many Thanks Gert!
Monte Cristi is located approx. 135km west of Puerto Plata, sits among desert-like surroundings on the northwestern tip of Dom. Rep. Distance to Haiti is about 35km.

WLMC Georgetown SC -1470

I have heard this station a few times this season around my local midnight with its soul music. The 31st of Dec they surfaced again with it short TOP ID as "WLMC Georgetown" .  Ron Stalvey, G.M. of the station replied a few days later with a short email.
Georgetown has a population of 9000 and   is the second largest seaport in S.C., handling over 960 000 tons of materials a year.

WKVQ Eatonton GA -1540

DX Test!  I had read in the DX magazines about the test and decided to give it a try. Arrived at the frequency a few minutes after 07 UTC, 31st of Dec -11 where CHIN was very powerful with a relay of China Radio Int´s very nice program "The Shuffle". After a few minutes of listening I suddenly heard the wobbling and sweep tones breaking thru CHIN´s program. Also later the CW ID´s was heard and at 0725 audio was coming thru where the stations postal address was read !
Sent Craig Baker, the owner,  a email and he swiftly verified my reception report 6 min later. My first participation in a DX Test became a  SUCESS!!
The town,  Eatonton in the Putnam County  is known as "Dairy capital of Georgia" in honor of its major industry, Dairy farming. Has a population of 6500. Lake Oconee and Sinclair enclose the community on the east, while the Oconee National Forest shades the west.
Many thanks again Craig Baker for this DX Test.

WFAS White Plains NY -1230

The evening 14th of December -11 was a date with many early thrilling signals from ECNA.  On 1230 there was a NOS station  and I stop and waited for the usual one, WSBB to identify. Surprised when the TOH ID heard  was "This is AM 12-30 WFAS White Plains - Westchester´s Soft Favorites, A Cumulus Station".
The station was heard also the following evening although a bit weaker.
White Plains -"The Birthplace of the state of N.Y."  is located  between Hudson River and Long Island Sound in Westchester County, an affluent suburban county that is home to almost 1 million people, just north of New York City.
V/s Jennifer D´Ambrosio, Dir of Marketing & Promotions

WCAT Burlington VT -1390

24th October 2011 was also the date I heard "Fox Sports Radio 13-90 WCAT Burlington Plattsburgh" 
with a beautiful top of the hour ID. Not easy to get the station verified but a few days ago C.E Jason Josselyn  replied with a most welcomed  verie letter. My 47th verified  State!
The City is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, north of Shelburne Bay. Has a population of aprox. 39 000.
Since the time of the Iroquois, people along Lake Champlain have reported seeing a monster in it. Modern American call it  "Champ" and their opinions about it tend to fall into one of two camps: either it´s a prehistoric whale, or more probably it´s a log....anyway the local minor league baseball team is now named the "Vermont Lake Monsters" in honor of the creature!

WTSN Dover NH -1270

The 24th of October 2011 was a exciting day with many signals especially from Florida but also the whole eastern coast up to the Canadian border. Only Delaware was missing from the costal states that was heard this night.
The station peaked at 07UT  with a nice ID as " - Number One for News, Talk and Sports"
Dover is a city with population of  30 000 , nicknamed as "The Garrison City". A Garrison is style of house, typically two stories with the second-story overhanging in the front. Perhaps a legacy of the Swedish settlers as the same types of houses but smaller can be found in Dalarna and Varmland,Sweden?
My v/s Susan Demers Weigold replied after a f/up this week.

WHIO Dayton OH -1290

One of my favorite frequency that often acts as a bubbling pot of stations. This time, the morning of New Years Eve 2011 I caught an ID as "AM 12-90 and now 95.7 FM Newstalk Radio WHIO - The Home of Fox News" My v/s Nick Roberts tells that they have 5000Watts directional to the north at nights, the reason that the signals reach us well  here  in Sweden.
Dayton, the "Gem City"  is located in the south of Ohio with about 140 000 habitants. Known for Aerospace and Defense Industry. The Wright Brothers was born here, Orville and  Willbur, who invented and build the first successful aeroplane

WOND Pleasantville NJ -1400

The most regular one besides CBG on 1400 here in Möklinta during wintertime. Located almost at the costal line the signals has a freeway to the northern Europe. My v/s Greg Maiuro writes: "I have no understanding of how airwaves travel, but I´m sure they decided Sweden is a nice place to visit!"

fredag 6 januari 2012

WDFN Detroit MI -1130

A frequency that 99 times of 100 are occupied by WBBR in my QTH.  At last I had luck the 6th of January 2011 when WBBR faded enough to let a top of the hour ID slide thru as "WDFN -WDFN Detroit - The Fan"
Detroit - The Motor City , is also the birthplace for Motown Records.
As WDFN is a sports station my veriesigner Michael McCoy writes in his letter: "I have 3 girls as well ages 11, 8 and 4…. I am teaching them to appreciate your country’s contribution to our hockey team. We used to have the Russian 5, now it’s all about the Swedes:
 Nick Lidstrom
Henrik Zetterberg
John Franzen
Tomas Holmstrum
Janathan Ericcson
Fabian Brunnstrom
Niklas Kronwall
Not to mention Jonas Jerebko from the Pistons!"
He also thinks its very cool that I caught their signals in Sweden when he have a problem getting the signals 25 miles away in his home...

Radio AM830, Caracas -830

A fairly regular guest when the conditions favor Venezuela.Former known as R Sensación and R Nueva Sensación.
Has been difficult to get an QSL from them earlier but today Giomar Roca answered with a short but correct verification mail.

CMHW W Radio, Santa Clara -840

Not a everyday guest on the frequency but when they arrive they often posess a strong signal. This morning , the 13th of November -11, they had companion with a few mexican signals on the band. The program "Al ritmo de la noche" make me stop and listen to the rythmical tunes.
Located in the center of the country as the slogan says, "La Reina Radial del Centro", Santa Clara is the place for the last battle in the Cuban Revolution back in 1958.

torsdag 5 januari 2012

Radio Granma, Manzanillo -1000

The Station was heard a few nights in late October 2011 with traditional Cuban music and nice ID´s as "Trransmite Radio Granma- Manzanillo Cuba.."
Located in the eastern part of the country, 900km from Habana, in the gulf of Guacanayabo.