fredag 27 maj 2011

HOQ62 Radio Ritmo Stereo, Chitré -890kHz

Near the end of the sunrise conditions the 26th of March  this station came up with a few nice ID´s and mentions of its FM QRG 97.5. The town is located on the Pacific Ocean side of the country near the gulf of Panama. Named after the native tribe Chitra and the population is about 45000.
My veriesigner was Lourdes de Camaño

måndag 23 maj 2011

Jazz Radio, Corse -88,7 MHz

The 1st of June-10 I had the first better e-skip conditions last season. From Turkey to France from mid-day to the evening. At 1452 I had a station with soul and jazz music in and out on 88,7MHz with french. After a few minutes  I caught a short ID from one of the two Jazz R transmitters on the island of Corse. There is one in Bastia beaming its signal south and the other in Ghisoni in the middle of the island beaming its power north-northwest, which was probably the one that I heard.
A nice letter  and verification  came today from Cédric Badet, the engineer of the station who also enclosed cov-maps and a picture of the station

lördag 14 maj 2011

CKGM Montréal QC -990kHz

Montreal's English-language sports station The Team 990 can 
 sometimes be heard with a  great strengths although it is on a European QRG. The most common NA station here in central Sweden is probably CBY Corner Brook NL, but when the condition are moving a little further inland they pop up frequently with their "Montreal Sports Authority, The Team   9-90AM"
I heard them in the morning  December 12th  last year with strong signals and all alone on the frequency. 
V/s Wayne Bews, GM   

onsdag 11 maj 2011

Arctic Radio Morokulien - 1584kHz

In december 2009 Arctic Radio Club arranged an special transmission from the border  village  Morokulien .
The village is located at the Swedish-Norwegian border and in 1910 the Nordic Peace Congress decided to raise a peace monument here to celibrate 100 years of peace between the countries.
V/s was my friend Bengt Ericsson that personally handed over the QSL at the Arctic Radio Clubs yearly meeting in Halmstad last weekend!

tisdag 10 maj 2011

WEZS Laconia NH 1350kHz

I heard the station a few times in October and December 2010 just before the top of the hour with its slogan and ID "WEZS Laconia- Oldies 1350"
 Laconia  - "City of the Lakes" with its 15000 habitants   is located between Lake Winnisquam and Winnipeasukee in the middle of the State. 
Veriesigner  Gary Hammond told me he recognized the top-of-the-hour ID voiced by Don Bishop, a west coast voice talent who records all of their station ID´s.
The station is one of the very few remaining independenly  owned and operated stations in the state.
 He has also received  a number of reception reports from Norway and Finland, often from  the last few minutes of daypower operation. 

onsdag 4 maj 2011

Radio Onda Cero, Chamaca - Cusco Dept. 1640kHz

A station that has been more or less common during the last weeks excelent conditions towards Peru. Torolf Johnsson was the first to find the station and there has been a long period of researching to reveal the location of the station, mostly done by Henrik Klemetz as usual !
David Torres Boza who answered my reception report (thanks Fredrik Dourén for contact info) writes that Chamaca is a small village with about  500 habitants at the altitude of 3800 meters  above sea level.