fredag 22 mars 2013

WWWL New Orleans LA -1350

This was a huge surprise when I heard them the 29th October last year in a jumble of stations around the TOH. "Mike and Mike in the morning and Tom Fitzmorris on your drive home, 13-50 AM WWWL" was heard  after my friend Torolf Johnsson gave me a tip that he had heard them at the same time, many thanks Torolf!  
Pat Galloway confirmed my reception with a short email.

LKB/LLE Bergen Kringkaster -1314

In November 2012 there were some test AM transmissions on 1314kHz from Grensedalen on the island of Asköy in Norway. I heard them the 22nd of November with quite good signals. The Tx was an old Western Electric WE 451A-1 from  late 1940, with a power of approx. 60Watts. The antenna was a 15m high vertical.  Ass. C.E. Svenn Martinsen verified my reception, many thanks Svenn!

WMVP Chicago IL -1000

Another powerhouse that use to dominate the QRG when the cx favors the eastcoast US. I heard them the 30th of October 2012 with TOH ID as "ESPN 1000 WMVP AM Chicago" .  Adam Delevitt, PD  confirmed my reception, thanks !

WLQV Detroit MI -1500

The 30th of October last year I had them with a loud and clear signal identifying as "This is Faith Talk 1500 WLQV Detroit - A service of Salem Communication".
The station´s 50 kW  daytime  and 10 kW nighttime signals beaming north-northeast with a narrow antenna pattern makes them a usual guest here in Scandinavia. Airing  Bible teaching and other Christian talk programs.They often use the slogan "Life Changing Talk Radio"
V/s Brad Smith

måndag 11 mars 2013

KVXR Fargo Moorhead ND -1280

Was logged in the morning of 31st October with EWTN programs and local ID´s as "AM 12-80 Real Presence Radio" . Had never heard them before so a nice personal first. Brad Wilson, Engineering/IT  verified my reception report and writes that the transmitter is located in South Moorhead and operates at 5kW daytime and 1kW night.

måndag 4 mars 2013

KOLY Mobridge SD -1300

At midnight the 31st of October last year I noticed a interesting signal on 1300AM which turned out to be a new one for me when they idenfied as " Americas best...on AM 13 Hundred KOLY Mobridge - a member of the Dakota Radio Group".  Both Stn Mgr  Dawn Konold and Gen Mgr Mark Swendsen  verified my reception swiftly.
Mobridge  is a small city with a population of 3500 located on the eastern bank of Missouri River.  A telegrapher´s dots and dashes gave Mobridge its name when the town was formed as railroad crews were building the railroad bridge across the Missouri river. He ended his telegraph transmissions with M.O.Bridge.

HRVC La Voz Evangélica de Honduras, Tegucigalpa -1390

This one was a joy to receive as they left the shortwave some years ago. I heard them dominating 1390 kHz a few minutes in the morning of November 12th last year identifying as  "HRVC - Evangelizando Siempre" 
V/s Jessenia Zelaya de Mejia  told me that they been on air 52 years now with its christian   programs and for the international audience its possible to tune in at  instead of shortwave.

lördag 2 mars 2013

WKZN West Hazleton PA -1300

Was a pleasent surprise to receive their signals during the Hurricane Sandy in late October with a ID as "You listen to continuous coverage of Superstorm Sandy on WILK". The station is a full time relay of the programming of the WILK News Radio-980 with a daypower of 5kW and 0,5kW at night. Maybe they were on STA emergency operation  with daypower this night?
Located in eastern part of the state covering West Hazleton -Wilkes-Barre-Scranton  area.
G.M. Ryan Flynn writes :


That sounds like our station. It’s hard to believe but this is the second account of our station reaching across the Atlantic in the last 7 days. Another radio enthusiast sent a clip of the same day’s broadcast received in Stockholm, only about 90 minutes apart from your clip. It appears the conditions were just right that night.  

Ryan Flynn
General Manager
Entercom Wilkes-Barre/Scranton

The "another radio enthusiast" from Stockholm was my friend Torolf Johnsson who was active the same night.

WEUP Huntsville AL -1700

This has been on my "most wanted list" since the X band expanded. Have heard them only two times in 2007 and 2010.  Never got any response of my reception reports until Program Director Steve Murray  verified my f/up a few days before Christmas last year.
Located in the northern part of Alabama  and carries  urban contemporary gospel music  to the Tennessee Valley