fredag 30 mars 2012

TGVE Radio Voz Evangélica de América, Guatemala -1570

In the morning of 21st of October 2011  the conditions favoured the eastern US coast from NY down to FL and some Cubans too. Suddenly when I passed 1570 I heard a strong station with a  announcement as "con la ayuda de dios TGVE Radio Voz  Evangélica de América  projector en diecinueve horas y  medio de programación..."    Surprised by the appearence of the strong signal I began too seek other potential signals from the area but with no luck.
The station celibrate  50 years of transmissions as seen in the header and use to be heard a few times each year  in Scandinavia, often with strong signals.
Received today two  emails  verifying my report

WGDJ Rensselaer NY -1300

Is the most common New York station on the QRG with its talkformat, often referring to itself as "Talk"  I heard them the 11th of December 2011 with a nice TOH ID as "WGDJ Rensselaer and Talk 13 Hundred"  when both WOOD and WJMO were weak enough to let the station slip thru.
Jim Law, Sales Mgr confirmed my report after listening to my enclosed mp3
The town is located on the eastern bank of Hudson River, Albany is on the western riverbank.  In 1609 Henry Hudson, the english seaexplorer established a Dutch claim to the river valley and later sold the area to a prosperous diamond mechant from Holland, Mr Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, hence the name of the city.

torsdag 29 mars 2012

Radio Signal, Novi Sad Serbia -98,80

The 7th of June 2010 I had some nice eskips towards the Balkan region. After a follow up I received a confirmation today from The sales manager,  Vladimir Vučinic

torsdag 15 mars 2012

OAM2G Radio Visión, Samangay -920

A few times the last months  I have heard Radio Programas del Peru -RPP, on this frequency with their talkprograms. At the same time I´ve noticed another signal beneath  with a scratchy modulation, at ~919,95kHz. The 22nd of Feb. I catched some audio from the station indicating  it to be a Peruvian station. I also heard a weak and difficult to understand ID. Contacted my friend Torolf who also had noticed the signal , and naturally Henrik, our Latino guru. Torolf had also heard a ID  that soundet like "Radio Vision" and a program called La voz de la salvación, but had inadvertently erased the recording. Henrik found the audiostream of the station and could identify  the anthem together with the ID I heard,  and at the same time had Torolf found another recording he had made the 17th of January with a clear "Radio Visión" . Case closed !

An impressive antenna in Samangay which is located at the altitude of 3000 meters above sea level 

Samangay is located  between Bambamarca and  Chota  in the region of Cajamarca,Peru 

Pastor Fransisco Córdova Rodriguez kindly confirmed my reception today

onsdag 14 mars 2012

WSAI Cincinnati OH -1360

The last days of December 2011 offered quite good conditions towards the  midwest US. In the morning  of 27th  was the predominant WDRC  weak and  "Fox sports 13-60" from Cincinnati OH could be heard for a few minutes instead.
The city is located north of the Ohio river at the Ohio-Kentucky border with a population of about 340 000.
The station has changed callsigns and formats several times since the start 1923,  but is now back with sport since 2007. They then switched network to  Fox Sports  in 2010.
V/s Justin Tabas, Dir of Marketing confirmed my reception today with a short email

måndag 12 mars 2012

KREA Honolulu HI -1540

It´s always been considered almost impossible to log pacific AM stations down here in the middle of Sweden. But during the last few seasons with the extended  solar flux minimum in combination with SDR receivers and  beverageantennas aimed towards the north we could catch quite large number of Alaskan stations followed by some HI stations. I succeded to log KREA two times  last season (2010/2011), once  with a relay of the KFOX CA 1650  and  finally  the 6th of december when I catched them with  their own ID as "This is KREA Honolulu 15-40 on the AM Dial" 
The programs are all in Korean language except the TOH IDs.Owned by The Korea Times Hawaii  and Robert Kim at the Editorial Department confirmed my f/up today  with a nice email.

WBEV Beaver Dam WI -1430

Its not easy to pass the big ones on this QRG, and when someone does , it´s often one of the other east coast stations. But the 28th December 2010 when the conditions favoured the Great Lakes area I had the luck of hearing a station that talked about Beaver Dam high school  fotball team just before the TOH. As a result of Mr Murphy´s Law,  the signal strength decreased towards the TOH but I was able to catch the ID  as "Your home for Beaver Dam Sports, 14-30 WBEV"
The station has a antenna pattern toward the north but with only 1kW its not easy to catch them here in the middle of Sweden.
The town is located in Dodge County with a population of 16000  along the lake and river with the same name.
V/s   Station Mgr John Moser

torsdag 8 mars 2012

KNSA Unalakleet AK -930

At the same day as KAGV was received  I also heard this small station relaying  KDLG Dillingham-670, but with own ID at TOH followed by BBCWS news. It acts a repeater for Public Radio in Southwest Alaska with  some local programs.  Located at Norton Sound  of the Bearing Sea  the village has about a population of 800, living on fishing and crab harvests. The only way to get here is by plane and Unalakleet airport  has become a central hub for outlying villages and Anchorage. Rob Carpenter ,GM at KDLG  kindly confirmed my reception report today after listening to my enclosed recording.
  Unalakleet Radio Station

tisdag 6 mars 2012

KAGV Big Lake AK -1110

The 5th of January -11 was a fantastic date with low noise  and many exotic signals. At local lunchtime the signals was still present and a lot of Alaskan and a few Hawaiians was heard here in Möklinta.
As late as 1400 local time the signal of KAGV  came up over the noisefloor with a beutiful ID as " You´re listen to KAGV 11-10 -Alaskas Gospel Voice, broadcasting from Houston, Alaska and licensed by the Federal Communications Commission as KAGV Big Lake" .
Have tried to get the station verified erlier with no sucess, but today I saw my friend Hans Ostnell received a letter from Interim Station Manager, Brian Blair.  A email together with my recording was sent and only a few hours later Brian verified my reception after listening to my mp3 recording.
KAGV is a christian station serving the Matanuska and Susitna Valleys  with their 10kW transmitter since the summer of 2002.  The Cities Houston and Big Lake have about a population of 2500 each. The nearest larger city is Anchorage, about 60 miles away, or about 15 min by plane !


WIRL Peoria IL -1290

This is one of my favourite frequencys, often bubbling of signals.  The 16th of december was a date when conditions favoured the midwest and I noticed the classic country music when scanning thru the band. Between the songs  IDs and jingles with a patriotic appearance as "Proud to be an American - we´re 12-90 WIRL"
Peoria with a population of  115 000  has become famous as a representation of the average American city because of its demographics and its perceived mainstream midwestern culture. The question "Will it play in Peoria" has become a metaphor for whether something appeals to the american mainstream public. The saying was popularized by movies with Groucho Marx  which I suppose many have seen in the past.
Wayne R Miller, CE and also radioamateur, W9MI, confirmed my report with a nice pdf QSL letter, many thanks for that Wayne!