fredag 8 april 2011

OAU2M Radio Layzon, Cajamarca -1170

At saturday morning,  26th March 2011,  I had a strong sunrise peak  towards the Cajamarca region of Peru. Strong signals at many frequencies. With the Perseus I captured a number of interesting signals  and the  most unexpected was Radio Layzon, Cajamarca, which went through the Europeans with a relatively sharp sound and the typical Andean music. Several Cajamarca mentions  in the talk and later an echoing announcement as "Layzon-Layzon-Layzon" fixed the identity. Fredrik Dourén - FD,Borlänge  also caught them the same time.
 Grimaneza Ortiz, Gerente de la Radio verified my reception report and asked me why not also  listening to their FM transmitter 90.5.....? :-)

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