onsdag 28 september 2011

WIZZ Greenfield MA -1520 kHz

In the evening  12th of December 2010 the MW band opened up early enough  for Daytimer hunting.  On 1520 kHz there was a  NOS station instead of the usual  Buffalo powerhouse,WWKB. After a few minutes the c/d  procedure started with some nice ID´s and promo for upcoming programs. 
Greenfield is located in  Pioneer Valley at  the northeastern part of the state between  Connecticut river and the Berkshire foothills. Has about 18000 residents and is known for its picturesque  and vibrant downtown. The town is living up to its "green" name  by construction of a giant 2.0MW solar farm  this summer. It will supply half of the city-owned facilities with electricity.
V/s Daniel J.Ferriera Jr., Chief Engineer   

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