onsdag 26 oktober 2011

WMOB Mobile AL -1360

In october last year I was very surprised one morning when a Gospel station took over the QRG and IDed as "we are Mobiles...13-60 WMOB Mobile"
The stations antenna pattern had been twisted due to two large industrial buildings that were built in the vincinity and weakened their signal. Fortunately for us DXers, but the owner Buddy Tucker shortly became irritated by all reception reports and decided to stop the QSLing.
Some time ago I got  an answer from Jackie Harrell at the station who verified that it was Buddy himself  on my recording I had enclosed.
My 46th State verified!
Mobile is located on the gulfcoast of US  and is the third  most populous city in Alabama with its 200 000 habitants.   The town is the birthplace of Marti Gras and has the oldest celibration, dating to the early 18th century  during the French colonial period

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