lördag 17 november 2012

WPYR Baton Rouge LA -1380

In the end of October I heard religious program on 1380 kHz that turned out to be the unusual guest WPYR, the Catholic Comunity Radio of Baton Rouge LA.   They probably missed the switch to nightpower  and aired 5kW this night.  A swift answer was received a few days ago from David Dawson, Stn Mgr.
Baton Rouge is the Capital of Louisiana  and the second-largest city in the state behind New Orleans.  Located upstreams Mississippi  with a population of approx. 230.000. They have a humid subtropical climate and the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico means that the city is exposed to hurricanes and storms all year around
Looks like David Dawson  also use our in DX circles so popular software,  CoolEdit/Adobe Audition

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