söndag 13 oktober 2013

OBX4N R Corporacion, Cerro de Pasco -1540

Back in may 2010 I heard the station  a few times with beautiful andean music. The QRG is often occupied by TurboMix but I also heard R Milenio Universal from Arequipa last year.
Cerro de Pasco is a city of  70 000 inhabitants and an important mining center located at the top of the andean mountains. At a elevation of   4330 meters it is one of the highest cities in the world
The shortwave QRG in the header is inactive since many years.
P.C. Tito Vera Romero , Gerente General  verified my reception

4 kommentarer:

  1. On the station's website Tito uploaded recordings and messages from Scandinavian DXers as a result of a conversation on the phone which opened up for QSLing.

  2. Incidentally, and in addition to Radio Corporación, I have been on the phone to talk with the owner of Milenio Universal, TurboMix and the manager of Radio Cóndor, as well as the Uruguayan Radio Patria, all on 1540. I have explained what DXing is all about. I am happy to see that QSLs are being announced now and then from all these stations.

  3. Yet another one, also on 1540, which I have been in direct contact with is
    Radio Bendita Trinidad, in Bolivia... Quite an interesting frequency, this is.

  4. Yes, the QRG is a goldmine of stations from Peru/Bolivia. Recently I also got a nice answer from Bendita Trinidad on the same QRG. Many thanks for your work explaining our hobby to them!