torsdag 28 november 2013

R Urkupiña, Quillacollo Cochabamba -1560

My best ever conditions towards Bolivia on MW were at May 8 this year when signals from  the country was heard on several QRGs.  On 1560,142 kHz I heard a fotball commentary from a game between Aurora and Nacional Potosí and that the game was played on Estado Felix Capriles in Cochabamba. I sent a letter to the station (it didn´t exist at all on the internet) and a few weeks later a email from Patricia Salazar verified my reception. I also contacted Henrik Klemetz at the same time about my findings and with his contacts in the city he also  arranged  so I got this beautiful QSLcard from the station. Many Thanks Henrik!
The same night I also heard  two tentative  Bolivian "Community" stations on 1080 and 1570,71 but couldn´t get a positive ID from neither of them. Exciting anyway !

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