söndag 9 september 2012

KKAR Omaha NE-1290

During quite good Midwest conditions the 18th of November 2009 I caught KKAR with a announcement as "..on newstalk 12-90 K-car KKAR Omaha". As I didn´t get them verified I tried with a f/up a few days ago and instantly got a nice reply from Mike Laughter, Regional Engineer at NRG Media verifying my receptionreport. He is an avid post card collector, soon owner of a nice post card from Sala!
Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska located along the Missouri River in the easternmost part of the state. Nicknamed as "Gateway to the west" the town has now a  population of about 500 000.
The call letters KKAR was in June 2012  switched to KOIL (the station was originally owned by the Mona Oil Company, hence the "OIL" in the call letters)  and can now be heard as "The mighty 1290 KOIL"

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