måndag 8 oktober 2012

Celtic Music Radio, Glasgow -1530

Due to the late harvesting here in Möklinta I have used a shortened,not ideal version of my beverage array in 295 degrees. The antenna pattern is somehow bend southwards  and made it possible to log this very unusual small station from the riverside of Clyde in Glasgow. The QRG is usually dominated by Pulse2, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, but this morning it was temporarely swept away by Celtic music and a ID as "This is Celtic Music Radio online celticmusicradio.net and Glasgow on 15-30 AM" at the top of the hour.
The station is a community broadcaster, manned entirely by volunteers and operates to promote singers and songwriters of contemporary and traditional Scottish music. They started as a RSL station at  the Celtic Connections Music Festival back in 2006 and in 2008 they went on air on mediumwave as a Commuinty Radio serving Glasgow with a power of 70 Watts.
A few months ago they got license to move from AM to FM, and will return their AM license soon, maybe it already has happened?
Anyway, the nice guy who answered my reception report was Alex Jenkins (MM0OIL), Tx Engineer and chairperson, Many thanks Alex!

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