fredag 24 maj 2013

WILS Lansing MI -1320

It was the 18th of November 2009  in early evening hours I first heard WILS with a nice announcement as "more compelling talk radio for the capital city - This is 13-20 WILS Lansing"  Tried with a reception report but no luck. Tried again with a f/up and now Scott Loomis  answered:
That's certainly us.  No mistaking it.  At that time we were broadcasting at our nighttime power and broadcast pattern.  Nighttime power is 1,900 watts compared to 25,000 during the day, so I'm impressed that our signal bounced all the way to your corner of the world.  Yours is the typical area where people pick us up though.  Scandanavia seems to get nice reception, although I did get someone from Great Britain emailing me the other day with an audio sample.
Hope all is well in Sweden.  In Michigan we love your provide some of the best hockey players on our beloved Detroit Red Wings!  You wouldn't be able to talk Nicklas Lidstrom into making a comeback would you?  We miss him already!"
 Many thanks Scott for your nice answer!

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