fredag 24 maj 2013

WWPR Brandenton FL -1490

In the morning hours the 6th of February this year I heard some unusual FL stations on the band, such as WMEL Cocoa Beach-1300, WTMN Gainesville-1430 and WPSL Port St Lucie-1590, all of them personal first  for me.  On 1490 I had a talk station  who came out of the noise precisely to the TOH. The Female voice announced "You listen to AM 14-90  WWPR Brandenton-Sarasota-Tampa Bay"  I was excited and sent them a reception report directly.  A few hours later Valerie Silver answered my mail:
"That was us and my voice that you heard on the station identification!  How great that you could pick us up way out in Sweden!  Hope you are doing well!
Valerie Silver
WWPR 1490am"
As I been to that area a few years ago we had some email correspondence and later she told me that they received another reception report from a gentleman in England too.  
Brandenton is a city in Manatee County located on Floridas west coast just south of Tampa Bay. The county is named after the Florida manatee or commonly called the "sea cow". I saw a few of them when visiting Florida and it is a fascinating animal. Sadly many of them gets hurt by speeding motorboats and illegal hunting.

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