söndag 13 oktober 2013

WPSL Port St Lucie FL-1590

The same morning I heard WMEL-1300   (20130206) I noticed that both 1430 and 1590 presented interesting signals. The 1430 station was revealed  as WTMN Gainesville  and 1590 identified itself as "This is WPSL Port Saint Lucie 15-90 - The talk of the Treasure Coast" . Been searching for them many times but now it finally got caught.  Greg Wyatt , Vice President wrote :
Hi Bernt…..Thanks for listening, this is amazing because we can’t even hit South Stuart Florida (just 28 miles away) at night…..Good stuff. Have a great summer. Greg Wyatt VP/GM"
They share the same building as their sisterstation WJNX "La Gigante" -1330

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