onsdag 29 februari 2012

Hosanna Manantial, La Chorrera -1580

During this season and last season I have been watching this frequency carefully when other Panama stations been heard. A few times I have had a trace of an unidentified religious station at the same time but never been able to get any identifiable info from the programs. But, the morning of 23rd December last year during good Panaman conditions I found a very offset signal on the frequency, 1579,894. The signal was quite strong with non-stop music. After a few songs the announcement " Feliz navidad te desea Hosanna Manantial 15-80 AM" came out of the speaker. Had to contact Henrik Klemetz to have him confirm that I heard what I heard, thanks HK!  Today I received a nice letter from Fundacion CFC Manantial de Vida :


es una alegria saber que la 1580 AM logro alcanzarle, hemos escuchado la grabacion y si bien es cierto es la estacion de nuestro centro de intgracion familiar Manantial de vida....nos camplace confirmar su recepcion...!! y si tiene toda la razon, estamos contando con un excelente equipo de transmicion !! a Dios sea la gloria por esto !!
Saludos a su familia,
P.D. increible como usted habla el español !!!  

The station started its transmissions  in 2002 when the church complex was built  in La Chorrera,  a city about 50km southwest of the capital of Panamá.
To my knowledge the station haven´t been heard here in Sweden (or scandinavia) before but maybe some adjustments been done as I´ve heard them again the 30th of January this year.

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