onsdag 22 februari 2012

Radio Agricultura del Peru "La Peruanísima",Lima -1590

At the midnight peak ,January7th, it suddenly were Peruvians with good strengths at the top of the band here in Möklinta. Due to the closure of the german DRM transmitter on 1593,  could the signals of "La Peruanísima" be received with its sharp audio. Have heard them long time ago, think it was in the late 90´s, but never received an QSL then.  But today I was lucky to receive a letter from Franklin Gambini, Jefe de Operaciones, confirming my reception.
Lima and the urban areas covers about 800sq.km with a population of over 7,6 million people, is located at the pacific coast up thru the river valleys of Chillón,Rímac and Lurín.

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