torsdag 15 mars 2012

OAM2G Radio Visión, Samangay -920

A few times the last months  I have heard Radio Programas del Peru -RPP, on this frequency with their talkprograms. At the same time I´ve noticed another signal beneath  with a scratchy modulation, at ~919,95kHz. The 22nd of Feb. I catched some audio from the station indicating  it to be a Peruvian station. I also heard a weak and difficult to understand ID. Contacted my friend Torolf who also had noticed the signal , and naturally Henrik, our Latino guru. Torolf had also heard a ID  that soundet like "Radio Vision" and a program called La voz de la salvación, but had inadvertently erased the recording. Henrik found the audiostream of the station and could identify  the anthem together with the ID I heard,  and at the same time had Torolf found another recording he had made the 17th of January with a clear "Radio Visión" . Case closed !

An impressive antenna in Samangay which is located at the altitude of 3000 meters above sea level 

Samangay is located  between Bambamarca and  Chota  in the region of Cajamarca,Peru 

Pastor Fransisco Córdova Rodriguez kindly confirmed my reception today

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  1. Dios le bendiga, si es Radio Visión perteneciente a la iglesia Pentecostal La Cosecha