måndag 12 mars 2012

WBEV Beaver Dam WI -1430

Its not easy to pass the big ones on this QRG, and when someone does , it´s often one of the other east coast stations. But the 28th December 2010 when the conditions favoured the Great Lakes area I had the luck of hearing a station that talked about Beaver Dam high school  fotball team just before the TOH. As a result of Mr Murphy´s Law,  the signal strength decreased towards the TOH but I was able to catch the ID  as "Your home for Beaver Dam Sports, 14-30 WBEV"
The station has a antenna pattern toward the north but with only 1kW its not easy to catch them here in the middle of Sweden.
The town is located in Dodge County with a population of 16000  along the lake and river with the same name.
V/s   Station Mgr John Moser

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