tisdag 6 mars 2012

KAGV Big Lake AK -1110

The 5th of January -11 was a fantastic date with low noise  and many exotic signals. At local lunchtime the signals was still present and a lot of Alaskan and a few Hawaiians was heard here in Möklinta.
As late as 1400 local time the signal of KAGV  came up over the noisefloor with a beutiful ID as " You´re listen to KAGV 11-10 -Alaskas Gospel Voice, broadcasting from Houston, Alaska and licensed by the Federal Communications Commission as KAGV Big Lake" .
Have tried to get the station verified erlier with no sucess, but today I saw my friend Hans Ostnell received a letter from Interim Station Manager, Brian Blair.  A email together with my recording was sent and only a few hours later Brian verified my reception after listening to my mp3 recording.
KAGV is a christian station serving the Matanuska and Susitna Valleys  with their 10kW transmitter since the summer of 2002.  The Cities Houston and Big Lake have about a population of 2500 each. The nearest larger city is Anchorage, about 60 miles away, or about 15 min by plane !


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