onsdag 17 oktober 2012

WFIF Milford CT -1500

I have been watching this QRG many times when the the possibilities for daytimer signals been good, but always ended up with the signals from WLQV instead. They also belong to Life Changing Radio Network  so one must be careful  not confuse the stations.
The 23rd of October last season  I once again had WLQV  strong, but just before 22UTC  the signals from WFIF popped up  and luckily with a announcement as "You´re tuned to AM 1500 WFIF, stay tuned for a special program from WFIF Radio"  These words really made my day !
Jon Vaught, Stn Mgr, sent a pleasent message to me a few days ago :

Dear Mr. Holmberg,

Yes, this is a verification of the reception report you sent to Dave Young about our station, WFIF. WFIF is a Christian radio station, located in Milford, Connecticut, USA. We are a daytime station only. We periodically receive reception reports from your area of the world. Congratulations for picking up our signal.

Blessings in JESUS,

Jon Vaught
Station Manager
WFIF 1500 AM

Their market are Bridgeport in the south to New Haven on the north but the station is located in Milford  on the northern shore of Long Island Sound just an hour from New York City.With about 50.000 residents,they call themself  "A small city with a Big Heart" 

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