onsdag 17 oktober 2012

WNRP Gulf Breeze FL -1620

This station have  been on my most wanted list since they started back in 2005. The ridiculous many Cubans on the frequency, plus the carribbeansWHDP ST Croix  (the reasons of the cuban invasion of the QRG,they relay Radio Martí at nights...) have done the searching of US stations here very difficult. Only a few times i´ve had selective conditions when I could slice out some of the northern stations instead. The 12th of December 2010 was such a date when I first caught " News, Talk, Traffic and Weather - This is Newsradio 16-20 WNRP Gulf Breeze"  and also later KOZN NE .
It was tricky to get them verified until I got contact with the owner  Dave Hoxeng who verified my reception today and also promise to mail a good old QSL Card!

Located on the northwestern tip of Florida , targeting Pensacola just over the bridge, makes the station a difficult catch as the conditions seldom reach this area.
They started back in 2005 as "Classic Country AM 1620" , but changed format in 2007 and was renamed as Newstalk 1620 - Pensacola´s Live , Local NewsTalk Station".  Both WNRP and the sister station CatCountry 98.7 are locally owned by Dave and Mary Hoxeng.

Gulf Breeze...a wonderful name, isn´t it ?  

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