tisdag 23 oktober 2012

KKAA Aberdeen SD -1560

The 11th of December 2011 there was quite good conditions towards the midwest and on 1560 I heard religious programs from Family Radio on the QRG. Have heard them before but never managed to get a QSL, but today after fresh contact  info from Fredrik Douren -FD  I came in contact with  Jenny Burkhiser , Public Affairs Director who verified my reception.
Aberdeen is located in the northeastern part of the state  with a city population of 26.000 people . Officially founded in 1881, the date of the first arrival of a Milwaukee Railroad train.  The town is subject to wide extremes and fluctations in temperature with a average low of -17 degrees C in January and a average high  of 29,3 degrees in July.
This is also the home of Super 8 Motels, which is the world´s largest budget hotel chain.

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