söndag 8 januari 2012

WKVQ Eatonton GA -1540

DX Test!  I had read in the DX magazines about the test and decided to give it a try. Arrived at the frequency a few minutes after 07 UTC, 31st of Dec -11 where CHIN was very powerful with a relay of China Radio Int´s very nice program "The Shuffle". After a few minutes of listening I suddenly heard the wobbling and sweep tones breaking thru CHIN´s program. Also later the CW ID´s was heard and at 0725 audio was coming thru where the stations postal address was read !
Sent Craig Baker, the owner,  a email and he swiftly verified my reception report 6 min later. My first participation in a DX Test became a  SUCESS!!
The town,  Eatonton in the Putnam County  is known as "Dairy capital of Georgia" in honor of its major industry, Dairy farming. Has a population of 6500. Lake Oconee and Sinclair enclose the community on the east, while the Oconee National Forest shades the west.
Many thanks again Craig Baker for this DX Test.

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